10-13-11 02:18 AM
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  1. JBoen's Avatar
    You know what, i have iPhone 4 and Bold 9900. I ONLY tickle iPhone when i feel like to play games, NOTHING else. iPhone 5 won't be much different, IMO.

    90% of my time holding 9900 than iPhone. I do emails, BBM/WhatsApp, Twitter, reading news on 9900, I don't give a **** about battery life. I always charge both phones on my desk, that's the use of charging pod.

    It depends on you now
    09-25-11 09:27 PM
  2. donnation's Avatar
    I thought about waiting for the iPhone, leaving my EVO, and found that a full screen wasn't what I needed. Don't play games much. BUT, my biggest gripe with apple is not coming clean with the tracking issue, instead to BS the users. Also, the lost prototype hit a nerve when apple employees searched someone's residence. Apple may be good, but they are not god and do as they please. I came back to BB getting a 9930. Must say this is an awesome phone. But, like posted above, if you need a full screen, get either the iPhone, or the full screen BB.
    Lol, Apple employees did not search someone's home. Gizmodo paid for a device that was considered stolen and the police searched the writers home who paid for the phone.
    09-26-11 11:26 AM
  3. justinloussia's Avatar
    I use my blackberry for business and my iPhone as my in pocket toy. Theres no better phone than a blackberry when it comes to email and keyboard shortcuts, period. The reliability to get things done all comes down to blackberry. iPhone is the best for social media, pictures, video chat...etc. When productivity is your main goal, go for the berry.
    09-26-11 11:38 AM
  4. li4mc's Avatar
    I've just bought the 9900 and I'm loving it but to be honest I think it depends on what you want from the phone. If you play a lot of games and are into the apps I would go for the iPhone.

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    09-26-11 11:38 AM
  5. Mavlar's Avatar
    I wont sell my iPhone 4 so at least that way I have the best of both worlds but i already know I will be spending more time on my BB
    09-26-11 03:45 PM
  6. Matty1992's Avatar
    Just get BOLD 9900 as a PHONE and Ipod touch as Itoy like me

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    09-26-11 04:56 PM
  7. snowindec9's Avatar
    im in this position right now.many close people i know are upgrading to the new iphone 5 next month.for me i just can't make a final decision just yet.i have become comfortable with the blackberry platform in the three years of usage.good thing about bb is that i didn't get dropped calls.but now im ready to upgrade.i have plenty of choices.i could take the apple route and commit my next two years with the iphone.i could take the android route and and commit my next two years to the samung galaxy s2.or i could wait for at&t to deliver the new bb's by november and commit to bb once again.im still undecided as i wait.all three of these platforms has their strengths and weaknesses.i would be lucky if i could afford multiple devices at once like for example and iphone 5 and bb or samsung galaxy s2 and bb.but i can't.so i can get just 1 new device.ughh this is too difficult a decision.what would you do??
    09-26-11 06:43 PM
  8. euro2low's Avatar
    hate to sound like a drag but this topic has been talked about over and over... it's what YOU need. personally the BB does the job and mark my words... All the apps available on the iPhone will be pointless in the "near" future as apps will be going web-based.

    Why should companies give up 10-30% of revenue when they can make it html5 compatible and reap all the rewards... Also, probably a lot harder for jailbreakers to get their apps for free.
    09-26-11 06:56 PM
  9. PondHockey's Avatar
    I thought hard about this and my final decision was the new BB. The Iphone 4 (as it is now) is 1000 times better in performance, speed, camera, just about everything versus the BB. But the BB has two huge things that make it indispensible for me. One is the keyboard. Can't live without it and I've tried. Two is the removable battery -- it's actually huge for me when I travel even though it is useless to me now until somebody has an external charger in stock.
    I will give you the camera argument but speed and performance is on par with Iphone.
    09-28-11 09:39 PM
  10. FuzzyB's Avatar
    I will give you the camera argument but speed and performance is on par with Iphone.
    Totally concur! People just don't realize this until they get one.

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    09-28-11 09:53 PM
  11. NursingNinja's Avatar
    Wait... does the iphone bridge with a tablet and provide free tethering? If it doesnt I'm not interested at all.
    09-28-11 10:09 PM
  12. lax42's Avatar
    Totally concur! People just don't realize this until they get one.

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    Its on par with the IP4. And that's a 1 year old phone, so when the IP5 comes out its going to kill in speed and performance

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    09-29-11 01:16 AM
  13. MetalxAssassinx's Avatar
    Wait till the iPhone 6 because this new iPhone coming out isn't going to be much an improvement. Most of the improvements and innovations are coming from the OS. I would rather buy an iPhone 4 after it comes out because the price will be cheap.
    They will relese two devices ,, Iphone 5 and iphone 4s
    09-29-11 06:02 AM
  14. digdah's Avatar
    I can't understand how there is debate about a device that there is literally no concrete information out about. From my experience you should go all Apple or stay away from it all together. Again, just my opinion.
    09-29-11 08:34 AM
  15. lpsoldier301's Avatar
    Look who was right...
    10-04-11 03:26 PM
  16. robtanz's Avatar
    I would go with the iPhone 5.
    10-04-11 03:30 PM
  17. ivor.berry's Avatar
    I have imac and ipad and love apple kit and software. Would I swap my 9900 for the new iphone ? No way.
    I would point out the camera means nothing to me. It depends on you priorities, but with respect bb an iphone cameras can only produce good pictures in very limited conditions.
    The bb 9900 has the best keyboard ever on any smartphone, a great screen and call quality, and magnificent email. Those are my priorities.

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    10-04-11 03:42 PM
  18. websun's Avatar
    iphone 4s launched and it's better on every aspect than any bb deprecated crap.
    i think a reason for buyng an phone with no autofocus, software issues, low hd recording, no video out... is the keyboard nothing else
    10-04-11 04:02 PM
  19. jinth0688's Avatar
    lol no autofocus, low hd video, and video out?? you talking about buying a phone or buying a camera??
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    10-04-11 04:06 PM
  20. austriker's Avatar
    Ouch. No iPhone 5. Thus 9900 > the non-existent mobile device..

    10-04-11 04:18 PM
  21. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    lol no autofocus, low hd video, and video out?? you talking about buying a phone or buying a camera??
    Why can't he be talking about both? Think about it...
    10-04-11 04:26 PM
  22. Calotag's Avatar
    Big let down for those waiting for the iphone 5! Sorry better luck next year!

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    10-04-11 05:32 PM
  23. Frosty_Power's Avatar
    iFail S.....
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    10-04-11 05:42 PM
  24. ONE618's Avatar
    Spawn12 said it best.

    if you need a portrait physical keybaord, buy RIM

    if not,

    buy Apple

    Not taking price into consideration, that pretty much sums up the industry...
    10-04-11 06:05 PM
  25. jinth0688's Avatar
    Why can't he be talking about both? Think about it...
    It's always going to come down to personal preference in the end. Most folks use their phone as their main camera so i can see how it can be important. For me, most devices have a decent enough camera, as I only use it to share quickly on Facebook or something. Video out I wouldn't use so much plus you'd have to dish out another 40 bucks for the cord, I'd rather plug in the laptop. I couldn't stand the touchscreen keyboard I had for as long as I did so a physical keyboard is a big reason why I chose no 9930. I chose it for the main purpose of being a great communication device.
    10-04-11 06:15 PM
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