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    1. I have a friend who is still using both a Bold 9000 and is thinking of getting an iPhone4...

    I told him that Bold 9900 is out and is stronger on phone features and messaging which he values greatly...

    In the end, my friend got the iPhone4, because the Bold 9900 did not have handwriting input for Asian languages (for the record, Chinese). (He did not buy the Torch 9800, because the formfactor is "too heavy" and "too thick" for his taste, and yes, he realize Torch 9800 did have handwriting input).

    You *NEED* handwriting input for Asian languages now that BlackBerry's have touchscreen, and I'm surprised that RIM still does not support this in its flagship Bold 9900!

    Hoping that BlackBerry will support this in Bold 9900 in the future!

    FYI, part of the reason why iPhone is so popular in Asia, is the Asian handwriting support.

    2. I myself is looking forward buying a Torch 9810 once it reaches my part of Asia, as of yet RIM is still taking its sweet time rolling out its products announced months ago...

    BUT if the Bold 9900 had Asian handwriting input, I would have bought it in a heartbeat...

    Yes, I agree with my friend that Asian handwriting input is a *needed* feature, now that touchscreen smartphones are now the norm...
    10-07-11 11:30 PM
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    Lol, you don't need it.

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    10-08-11 09:23 AM
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    Not really sure what you mean op.I just assume you do not talk about a app here, just about asian language input.

    Usually if you buy the bold in china(PRC) or Taiwan/Hong kong it should come with a chinese keyboard, according to to the region you buy it from.The layout on the keyboard is the same you will see on a virtuel keyboard just a little cramped since its roman and chinese letters together.And ofc the software also supports asian languages (Thai, chinese, japanese and korean atleast).

    Dont know about ur friends bold... he either bought it from a foreign country or he was a early adopter and the carrier he bought it from had no chinese keyboard at this time.
    10-08-11 11:18 AM
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    What OP means is that BB touchscreen on 9900 should be able to identify "hand strokes" made on da screen itself... That way people that write in Chinese can simply "draw" every character into da screen (instead of by "strokes" via physical keyboard)...

    OP makes a really good point here "part of the reason why iPhone is so popular in Asia, is the Asian handwriting support."...hope RIM is listening to this small request...

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    10-08-11 12:04 PM