1. djyianni25's Avatar
    I recently got my 9900, and I love it.. but I need some help on something..

    I set up my email, and on the display settings, I have it as "Group by Subject" and it doesn't show new messages. It shows it up top (on the bar next to the search tab), and I could read them there, but when I click out of that, I can no longer see them. The only way I can see new messages, is if I have the display style as "single" messages.. I know this is #firstworldproblems, but I'd like my messages grouped to show my sent messages with the responses.

    I have it synced with a gmail account, if that matters.. I know my old curve had a gmail plugin, how can I check if its installed on the 9900?
    10-01-11 02:19 PM