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    So I just got my new bold 9900 in the mail from telus on tuesday. So far I've had four minor issues with it, I'll explain them briefly before I get into the bluetooth problem. The first thing that came up after I transferred all my data from my 9700 to the 9900 was an error message that popped up everytime I received an sms text message "blackberry message memory is full please delete some sms messages" I found it a bit silly considering my 9700 has all these messages on it and I never once ever received any error but whatever I deleted all of my emails and sms messages on the phone so it's a clean slate, it fixed the problem. Another weird problem that has happened once out of nowhere is my phone popped up an error message saying "media card storage can not be accessed due to fatal errors" and then I was unable to detect anything that was on my sd card until I did a battery pull and reinsert the sd card. That hasn't happened again since so I'm thinking it isn't anything to worry about. I've also had a system crash while I wasn't doing anything he phone just did it's own battery pull out of nowhere. I haven't downloaded any apps at all yet on the device by the way. Anyways moving on to my real problem that's annoying me to no end is the quality of audio when using my new jawbone icon. I haven't made many calls with the phone yet and I didn't notice the issue when in a call but whenever I play back music or podcasts on the icon it's very distorted. I've tried everything I can think of to fix the issue, I've paired the headset with the 9900 three seperate times, I've deleted the profile's on both, to start from stratch. I also thought maybe that it could be an issue with the pre installed version of Blackberry os7 so I downloaded a hybrid on here and upgraded to version .362 still the same problem. The strangest thing is that when I use the jawbone with my 9700 there's absolutely no distortion at all when playing back music and podcasts. I've also tried another bluetooth headset a jabra jx20 and it plays back music fine without any distortion on the 9900. So I want to know who here uses a jawbone icon with the 9900? and how does it perform when playing back music? I don't know if I should bring back my 9900 to telus for another one or what.
    Thanks for reading my post and please post any opinions about this I'd love to hear what people think.
    09-22-11 06:46 PM
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    I didn't read your whole story there, but I can say that before the last update on the jawbone (icon) the sound was perfectly fine, but since the latest update it looks like they cranked up the volume and since then I'm hearing some distortions... It's not the phone!!

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    09-22-11 07:31 PM
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    when was the latest update? I downloaded the update that brought a2dp to the icon about 2 months ago and have had no issues with my 9930.
    09-22-11 07:40 PM
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    thanks for the input guys, I'm not sure when the last update was for the icon I've only done one update and that was less then two weeks ago when I bought the icon. The strangest thing to me though is that on my 9700 there is absolutely no distortion when playing music right, but on the 9900 there's so much distortion when playing music it's almost intolerable. During calls though it seems to sound fine, there's no distortion. I don't get why it works flawlessly on a 9700 but not my 9900.
    09-22-11 08:13 PM
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    So I'm wondering if anyone else has an issue with bad distortion when playing back music on your jawbone icon bluetooth with the 9900 or any other bluetooth device for that matter?
    09-26-11 10:33 PM