1. DocZ's Avatar
    Replacement Bold 9900 from Rogers.
    Button immediatly to the left and to a lessor extent the RHof the scroll pad seems really 'dead'. There's no feel to it when I hit it although hitting it does bring up the menu. Should I send it back or are the chances good I will get the same thing back?

    I've had a Bold 9900 since the day they were released and pretty much think it's the best phone format ever.
    The keypad and size of the phone is perfect. Numersous issues like one 'bricking',apps that have just disapeared battery life (before last update) have me wondering if I made a mistake sticking with RIM. I expected less problems out of the box.

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    11-22-11 05:22 AM
  2. hamzab's Avatar
    Yes. I think you should. I'm on my 3rd replacement and the previous replacements all had crooked keypads or dead buttons. This current replacement is good apart from the fact of the lavender backlit keyboard. I;m gonna use it for a few weeks then get it exchanged hopefully once RIM have sorted out these problems.
    11-22-11 06:26 AM
  3. bbrover's Avatar
    Brand new AT&T 9900 with the same mush/no click menu button. Getting a replacement but noticed this thread:


    Too scared to try it though.
    12-21-11 12:27 PM
  4. mhw100's Avatar
    Very easy to do and almost impossible to run into trouble. I would replace it first though. The ones built up to about November had crooked pads, lavendar pads/keys, mushy keys etc. They seem to be getting better now although they still ship with a non flush keyboard relative to the screen.
    12-22-11 01:37 AM