1. Made in flanders's Avatar
    Alright, here is the thing.

    The last year I've worked a lot with my brother. Now he told me he was going to buying me a bold 9900 for Christmas (as a current curve 9300 owner I've been wanting this phone for ages).
    However, now there is a lot of excitement for Blackberry 10, the new devices are around the corner ('only' 64 more days before they will be announced), but when they are available in Belgium, it could easily be 4 months from now. My brother said he wanted to give me a Blackberry 10 device too if I can wait long enough.
    I really want a bold 9900, but I want a Blackberry 10 device too. So I was thinking, BBOS7.1 is a mature operating system, while BB10 probably will have some bugs and child diseases and I have a playbook, wich will be upgraded to BB10, so I would go for the bold 9900, but on the other hand, I'm thinking I would buy an ancient device for a lot of money.

    I really don't know it anymore, does anybody has any thoughts on this?
    (Yeah, I know it's a typical first world problem, but it bugs me )
    11-27-12 01:41 PM
  2. Berry_Pink's Avatar
    how about getting a cheap used bold 9900 around the time that bb10 is announced as people will most likely be selling their bolds off to get the newest device and there will be a temporary dip in price on them so you can snap one up mega cheap (they go for 200-250 now and i think theyll probably go to 150-200 in feb) then you wont feel like you paid lots of money for an older device. i wouldnt call it ancient though lol
    11-27-12 02:11 PM
  3. sacrdandprofne's Avatar
    If you can wait an extra few months, get the BB10.

    To be honest, the BB10s have already been functional and testing since August; RIMs doing final tweaks now. By the time it comes out, it should be solid.
    11-27-12 03:01 PM
  4. phatmaan's Avatar
    even though BB10 is going to super exciting , it will still take atleast 6 months or more till all the kinks are ironed out , imho get a cheaper bb and saveup for the bb10 when its already mainstream
    11-27-12 06:29 PM
  5. CallMeNop's Avatar
    Get a BB10 IMO.
    The 9900 is really cool, but if your brother buy you one for christmas, he's going to pay a big price for a phone who're going to get cheaper a few weeks after. Kepp your current blackberry, and wait BB10. It seems to be long, but when you'll have it you are going to be the happiest man on the earth.
    11-28-12 02:08 AM
  6. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    I'd say if you don't "need" a new Bold 9900 now, there is no real reason to rush out and buy one. While the 9900 certainly won't get worse as time goes on, you'll see the newer devices will be able to do more. I am still very satisfied with my Bold, although it is far from being "perfect". The workflow and experience with OS7 won't change to the worse.

    However, we do not even really know much about the BB10 Bold aka N-Series. We saw a leaked image in a video where nobody knows if it is the final, real deal. We have seen recent keyboard photos leaked. But besides that, not much is known about it. It is for sure you'll sacrifice quite some stuff people enjoy and love on the current-day Bolds:
    - the trackpad
    - hardware buttons for calls
    - convenience key
    - an UI which is made to be used with buttons rather pure touch

    So I am still skeptical how the all-touch UI will work finally out on a physical QWERTY device. It starts with special-character input, which is currently done via trackpad and continues to text selection for copy&paste and ends somewhere for general UI usage.

    So I am not in the boat to rush out and buy the Nevada on day one when it hits there stores. Not yet. Unless we finally see some more pictures at least or, of course, get real hands-on videos. Then I think everyone can decide better whether the next generation is a worthy replacement for their current day Bolds or if it would be better to wait for the next BB10 QWERTY device.

    Long story made short: If my Bold 9900 would break today, I'd see if I can replace it. However, if I would be using another (working) phone right now and just be interested in the 9900, I'd at least wait till end of January when hopefully more videos, pictures and general information is available on the Nevada. Then I'd decide whether to get the (cheaper) 9900 or the new BB10 a month later.
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    11-28-12 02:30 AM
  7. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    ... BBOS7.1 is a mature operating system, while BB10 probably will have some bugs and child diseases...
    (Yeah, I know it's a typical first world problem, but it bugs me )
    LOL. Lmfao at what you said and it is a first world problem. What you could do is look on craigslist (or Belgium equivalent ) and see if you can pick up a 99xx on the cheap like stated above. If they are still pricey then wait till bb10 comes out and see them there. Then wait and see for a few months and get yourself a bb10 without the diseases.
    11-28-12 03:46 PM
  8. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    Availability of the N-Series is an unknown and in Belgium can possibly be a few months off. If you can't hold off, find a used 9900. If you can hold out, BB10 will be awesome.
    11-28-12 03:54 PM

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