1. TheShez's Avatar
    Hey guys, I took my 9900 back to the shop yesterday, after about a week, and demanded a replacement, the battery just wasn't lasting. I gave it a full charge, with the power off, and booted it up at around 9pm. By about 4pm the following day, after very light usage, and two very short calls, my battery was at 20%.

    I had to argue my case for a while, after being told by the sales staff that it was because I have bluetooth and wi fi on all the time, but my 9700 lasts for two days on a single charge and I never turn off blluetooth or wi fi.

    So they gave me a new handset which, when I got home, I found had a defective call button, it had no 'click' to it when pressed. So I dashed back before they closed and got another replacement.

    Gave this one a full charge last night, received one call, done a bit of BBMing, and my battery is already down to 50%, wtf is going on??
    10-15-11 05:16 AM
  2. Flyingfast79's Avatar
    At least you have a low battery life. I had the bold 9900 for only a week and I was electrically shocked from the defective battery. I went to the hospital twice and now going to a neurologist for treatment, it was that bad, It messed up my whole left arm
    10-16-11 05:19 AM