11-30-12 05:00 PM
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    I had to grab a quick capture of a list I had written and I was indoors and with the zoom I can read the 8.5 x 11" page perfectly.

    What I don't like is that when I'm trying to take photos from the car I keep getting screens floating up instead of it taking the photo asking for what sort of settings I want.

    Hope these bugs get worked out soon.

    09-21-11 08:16 PM
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    I am so happy I can respond to this old thread. I have 7 current phones that I have used (only 1 at a time) during the last 3 years. I have a sprint 9650, verizon 9650, 2 verizon 9930s, 1 iphone 4s, 1 HTC incredible, and an Evo. Here is my experience: 1. The iphone is cool. Siri is fun but inaccurate and the iphone is the one I want to carry. However, after sleeping through a couple of appointments missing about 28 reminders, being totally in the dark about my email, I have concluded I just can't use it. There are things you have to experience other than just browser speed. For example, our mail system at my college changed. It took about 3 days for me to realize I wasn't getting email from them. If that happens on BB, it emails you and asks you to verify the account. You can have a spam filter....enough preaching to the choir. The HTC incredible is incredible. You will love it in the store. But after having it you will soon wonder if the receiption isn't very weak. A quick check on the net and you will find out it is horrible. Can't deal with Verizon lte switching and slows to a crawl on 3g, if you have reception at all.

    I loved my 9650s and I am carrying one right now. Why? Well, I bought new 9930 from verizon and it's cool because it is a world phone! My 9300 and I left on Carnival for 8 days a month after I bought it and the second day of the cruise it was dead. Completely dead. The whole cruise without a phone. When I got back good old google informed me that BB 9930s were bricking themselves for some unknown reason. You can still find all kinds of ways to bring them back to life on crackberry, but reading into the posts mosts times and certainly for me they don't work. So great screen, nice keyboard, beautiful design, good speed, but only when it works. Additionally, it is ono 7.1 and the apps don't work all the time. Apps like voice calender memo or whatever it's called claim they can't find your password almost every 2 days, you have email support and then they tell you that there is no record of your purchases. You can't buy it again, because on BBworld in only permits reinstall. So you can email your receipt and then they tell you to call another number. The battery life seems inferior on the 9930. There have been other issues with it's performance and that's why I am bringing to the phone doc in ft myers for repair tomorrow. On one of them the track pad sunk to the lever of the phone so that it is hard to use it. On both of them the track pad seems inferior. It's as if bb said, "well, since they have the screen now too, we don't have to be so careful about the design or quality of the trackpad".

    So my advice to someone today wanting a BB would be to check on new BB 10 release info and if he wants and has the bucks get the 9930, of course! It's new, fast, cool. As for me, I will just carry my little ole 9650 so I know it will work where ever I go. I use Todo Matrix with it and know that I will not miss any appointment I put in it. I dictate long letters on it with Vlingo and longer ones with MyCaption (remarkable speech recognition),

    Sprints EVO was a lot of fun after rooting and did a passable job with the email etc, but the network was not in Verizon's league for my use where I live, so I am really leaving it out.

    Anyone want to buy an iphone 4s
    11-30-12 05:00 PM
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