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    I am having problems with my 9900 connecting to my 2011 kia sorento's built in bluetooth. When I program the phone to connect to it from scratch it connects fine and will connect for the next 5-6 times but after that I keep getting a conection failed , I have owned 4 different phones while owning the sorento and this is the first time I have this problem. After I get the conection failed message I need to go into my radio settings and delete my phone and do the same on the phone and delete the sorento's stereo and start from scratch to get it to connect again, has anybody else seen this problem?


    Edit: I forgot to mention that I am now running the official 353 update and I was also having the same problem on the stock bell firmware version 263 I believe it was.

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    Not a tough issue to resolve. I have 5 different Bluetooth devices I connect to and I see this all the time. When you get a "failed to connect" message, just go into your Bluetooth options screen and manually connect to the device.
    09-09-11 09:47 PM
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    Thanks for the reply but I have already tried everything you said and nothing worked. It seems to be a problem with blackberry's only since my fiance's 9800 does the same thing but her iphone soesn't.... Its weird

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    It should not have any issues because the Bluetooth is an international standard. I never had an issue with connection my Blackberry Bold 9700 and now my Bold 9900 or my mom's Bold 9780 to our built in Toyota navigation system. Toyota manual says the navigation system is built by Fujitsu. Can you check your manual and post who make the GPS or whatever the built in system you have?

    The Fujitsu system is a small computer(little bigger than Playbook) with a touch screen attached to the dashboard and the system needs to be updated about every six years or so to update the GPS maps plus the configurations for optimal use. But I have never updated my GPS on Toyota since it was made in 2002 and still I get connection to both Bold 9900 and 9780 and I can play music off of my Bold 9900 with no problems what so ever.

    Could you please check who build your system? Kia don't make it; they just buy it from someone. May be there is a software update for it too?
    09-09-11 09:58 PM
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    Same problem, Range Rover 2011 and Range Rover 2005. Both same thing... Connects first time and then "at random"... Often disconnects buetooth in the middle of a call too...

    Hoping a future software update sorts it out...
    10-20-11 07:42 PM