1. jcc7386's Avatar
    My bluetooth headset (Jawbone Era) on my Verizon 9930 keeps shutting off for no reason during a call or even if I've got it on and am not talking to anyone. I don't drop the call - it comes through my speaker until I activate Bluetooth again - but am wondering if there's a way to fix this. The headset is charged well enough as well. Help please!!! Any suggestions?
    11-26-11 02:12 AM
  2. jcc7386's Avatar
    And I've searched the forums and gotten some help, but I have no idea what a "cod" is or at least where to find it and change it. I'm currently running the most recent OS7 update, so if that helps and anyone out there can give me suggestions based on that, please do. Tks.
    11-26-11 02:17 AM
  3. dictoresno's Avatar
    are you by any chance going outside the 30ft range? is the bluetooth on the phone itself turning off or is it the headset?
    11-26-11 02:19 AM
  4. jcc7386's Avatar
    No, I'm within 3 or 4 feet most of the time. The most I'll go is 10-15 feet when I'm talking on it. The headset isn't turning off, it's the connection. It'll say "connection to Jawbone ERA terminated" and then it might say "would you like to connect to Jawbone ERA," and I'll click "yes" again and it works fine and I don't drop the call. I can even hit the BB key and click "activate bluetooth" on the phone during the call and it'll reactivate, but it's just a pain to deal with when I'm going 70 down the Interstate.
    11-26-11 02:26 AM