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    I know about all the other threads, I just thought a fresh start might be in order.

    So I was sitting at my desk and had my 9900 attached to a Micro USB cord and my 9000 to a Mini USB cord. I decided to wipe the 9000 and re-install the JSL v7.0 operating system since I had transferred all my apps to the pin number on my 9900.

    You see where this is going right??? Thats right, yours truly plugged in the cord for the 9900 and started the wipe/install program for the 9000!!!!! OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!

    I cant stop the program and the phone reboots into an error, maybe 507 but I am not sure.

    I run BBSAK and it says my phone is now WIPED.

    I figure while I am at it I may as well give "Wind Mobile .474" a shot. I install it and remove the vendor.xml file. I start the loader and select the software I want and let it fly. I get some $%&%$* error on the computer screen.

    I do the alt+shift+del deal and it reboots into a black screen and a blinking red indicator. So I decide that I need to change whatever I can change. So I REMOVED THE SIM CARD AND MEMORY CARD and reassemble the phone.

    Still no change, just a ^&%*^%* RED LIGHT, and now the computer wont recognize the phone when I try BBMCP, BBH-Tool, and the Apploader,,!!! WTH????????

    So now I have a 9900 that is devoid of my personal crap, the computer will not recognize it, and I have WIND MOBILE .474 installed ON MY COMPUTER and ready to go.

    What to do???

    Open Blackberry Desktop Manager, Wait, Wait, Wait, and it asks me if I wish to update the phone!!!!! So I click YES of course and guess what it finds and wants to install?????

    WIND MOBILE .474,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND IT WORKED,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its now giving me a video demonstration how to put the %*^%*^&*^ SIM card in!!!!!
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    Does this qualify as a happy ending??

    On the surface, this sounds like a really dumb thing to do; but in reality, it's kinda scary how easy it is if you blink and forget to check exactly which OS you last installed on your pc. Glad you got it all worked out. I'll be curious to hear what you think about .474. I have absolutely zero issues with .440, so I'm very hesitant to proceed fixing something that ain't broke, especially knowing how fragile some of these 9900s seem to be.

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    I don't understand your title for this thread. Does your 9900 have a blinking red light issue as well?
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    Hey Mods, why not delete this thread. No one seems to be interested anyway.

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