1. ScottMI's Avatar
    I have a recurring problem that my Bold 9900 will not hold a time zone when I travel (I have had the same issue with earlier device versions as well, e.g. 9700). For example, last week I was in Hawaii for four days. The phone detected HST when I landed, but 4-5x/day it would switch back to PST (my home time zone) on its own, both with "auto detect time zone" turned on and turned off. I had to either reset the time zone manually or pull the battery to get it to switch back to HST, and a few hours later I had to go through the same process again. This happens virtually every time I travel outside my time zone. I also have had the phone switch to Alaska time while in Pacific time, but only once.

    The PC to which I synch remains set to PST when I travel, but this time zone switch occurs even in the absense of synching. I.e., last week I went two days without connecting the phone to the PC and it still had repeated time zone changes.

    This has been a recurring problem for years, and I have spoken to RIM support a few times with no success.
    11-14-12 06:54 AM
  2. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    This is very odd. I have never had this problem during my world travels. I would like to ask you:

    1. When you say it has been happening for years you mean on any phone you have had right? As the bold 9900 has only been out around 15 months.
    2. As redundant and typical as this reply is, try wiping the device and reinstalling the whole OS
    11-14-12 04:31 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Might you be using an app that interacts with the clock or time?
    11-15-12 11:52 AM
  4. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    Do you by any chance connect to DM? DM is set by default to sync the computer time and date to the BB.
    11-15-12 12:43 PM
  5. drew8484's Avatar
    Do you by any chance connect to DM? DM is set by default to sync the computer time and date to the BB.
    This default can be turned off. I had similar problems, and have not had them since I changed my settings in DM.
    11-15-12 01:20 PM
  6. stevsmit's Avatar
    Have you resolved this problem? I am having the same problem with my 9900.
    06-05-13 11:55 AM

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