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    I never really compared them til today. I use telenav religously since I got the Nextel way back when. Historicaly it had just turn by turn directions then came the 2d and 3d maps with the option for turn icons only. Which I always used because I didn't like the maps and the fact that if you lost service with the maps you would quickly be lost. Then the iphone version came without the option for turn icons only. So today I checked data use for a 30 min trip on the iphone. IT WAS 20 MB. Absolutely terrible. When I left from there I used Blackberry Traffic on my 9900 for a 42 min trip. It loaded the entire route in just a couple of seconds which amounted to a few KB. Just pure great!!
    03-14-12 08:41 PM
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    Nicely sums up one of the KEY differentiaters between the other fruit company's way of doing things vs the BlackBerry way. Efficiency matters, but it's not sexy, flashy, cool and therefore makes it tougher to use as a selling feature unless it's advantages are made clear to users.

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    03-14-12 09:14 PM
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    Rimm seriously should have been marketing this key huge advantage many years ago. Seems every carrier is limiting customers data plans now.. HELLO?! Customers introducing data compression, just another huge rim missed opportunity. Hopefully they can grasp this going forward
    03-14-12 11:36 PM