1. SaMaster14's Avatar
    Just updated to 7.1 and I've been hearing all of this stuff about Blackberry Tag. I know that its a way to transfer info from one NFC enabled BB to another, but where is it? Is there an icon?

    Seems like a really cool app, I just want to figure out how to use it.

    Thanks guys! (also, use this thread to talk about BB Tag in general)

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    01-10-12 05:48 PM
  2. georojas's Avatar
    I found it in my applications folder.
    Its cool to have now i just have to learn how to use it.
    I provided a Pic to show what it looks like.
    01-12-12 10:03 AM
  3. carrickfergus's Avatar
    The icon has been there since 7.0. It's just finally being used.
    01-12-12 10:20 AM
  4. MikeFromCanada's Avatar
    The icon is not a "Blackberry Tag" app icon.

    A quick look on the main Crackberry page would answer your question

    01-12-12 10:50 AM
  5. infinus's Avatar
    switch on NFC and & tap to another 7.1 9930 with nfc On.
    i saw this in video...
    01-12-12 11:22 AM
  6. diego.roscetti's Avatar
    I found it in my applications folder.
    Its cool to have now i just have to learn how to use it.
    I provided a Pic to show what it looks like.
    That is an icon for Smart Tag, not Blackberry Tag, like others have said.

    Take a look at the video on the Crackberry home screen. It is an application built right into the OS.

    If you go into BBM, click invite to BBM, there will be an option that says "Invite Using BlackBerry Tag". This also is the case for sending pictures and videos to someone.

    Very cool!!!
    01-12-12 11:52 AM
  7. SaMaster14's Avatar
    Found it. Just as diego.roscetti said

    01-12-12 07:30 PM
  8. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Just found the option for sending media too...

    01-12-12 07:50 PM
  9. SaMaster14's Avatar
    Any info on if stuff like this will go cross platform?

    I know the Nexus and Galaxy S have NFC (if I'm not mistaken). And google is releasing that small tag that goes on the back of Android phones and iPhones with certain apps that allows for NFC transfer.
    01-12-12 07:52 PM
  10. MikeFromCanada's Avatar
    As long as their is a cross-platform app created to utilize it, I dont see why not. It definitely makes sending media from one device to another very quick and seamless.
    01-12-12 10:41 PM
  11. dadathepanda's Avatar
    I can send pics using Tag but under BBM I can't find the invite by using Tag option, it just isn't there...
    01-24-12 10:13 AM
  12. AbuYazeedUK's Avatar
    I tried sending a picture file by tag to a 9360 on 7.1 and it doesn't work and How is this different from bluetooth apart from not having to search for a device.
    01-24-12 10:34 AM
  13. Vijik's Avatar
    When you want to use BlackBerry Tag make sure:

    1- NFC is turned on in Manage Connections

    2- Backlight is ON

    3- The device you are tapping has NFC turned on in Manage Connections and has the backlight ON

    BlackBerry Tag is using Peer2Peer mode of NFC and that mode is on only when the backlight is on.

    Sometimes you have to select "Send over BlackBerry Tag" or something like that from the menu, but most of the time you just need to have a media file open on device A and tap it to another device (B) before you get a prompt on both devices asking if you confirm the transfer.
    01-24-12 12:09 PM