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    Hi all.

    I read this article : http://rt.com/news/phone-spy-messages-carrier-747/
    There seems to be installed a software on our phones called Carrier IQ.
    I've never heard of it until now.

    Anyone knows more regarding this and why its being used?

    Here some of the article from RT:

    Trevor Eckhart, 25, an Android app developer from Connecticut, has published what he says is conclusive proof that millions of smartphones are secretly monitoring keystrokes.
    The video he posted on YouTube shows how a software package from a Silicon Valley company known as Carrier IQ reads private text messages and online search requests, records keystrokes and sends the information back somewhere, presumably the company.
    Every button you press in the dialer before you call, Eckhart says, it already gets sent off to the IQ application.
    In his 17-minute video, Trevor shows his phone connected to a computer, explaining step-by-step his revelations.
    Though the software is installed on most modern Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones, Carrier IQ was virtually unknown until Eckhart analyzed its workings.
    However, the company denies that its software is designed to spy on users. Carrier IQ earlier tried to suppress Eckhart's report.

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    Theres already some threads on the subject. Please feel free to add to one of those.
    12-01-11 10:26 AM