1. kally012345's Avatar
    okay so im using my phone.. next thing u know i take it out my pocket and the phone has power but the screens all black but i can see the backlight.. now im really confused as my life is my blackberry.. ive spoke to rim but they carnt do nothing does anyone have a step by step solution please help
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    11-21-12 09:56 PM
  2. ajst222's Avatar
    Well the first thing I can ask is if you did a battery pull? If not, do it. If you did, what does the screen show?
    11-21-12 10:23 PM
  3. xSt0rmTroop3Rx's Avatar
    As the poster above me suggested, a battery pull is usually the one-stop-shop for most BB hardware issues. You should definitely post a more thorough explaination as to what is going on so we here at the forums may better assist you.

    P.S. A device model number would really help get things going for us :thumbup:
    11-21-12 10:54 PM
  4. pr1nce's Avatar
    Try a battery pull as suggested.
    11-22-12 11:33 AM
  5. kally012345's Avatar
    okay the blackberry is the bold 9900.. yes i tried a battery pull and theeres no difference.. the screen is black but the backlight is on.. the fone itself does power up and the led light is working .. please help
    11-23-12 01:24 PM
  6. Shifty88's Avatar
    Did you drop it or smack your leg against something with it in your pocket recently? Maybe something came loose. Let's just hope the screen itself isn't dead.
    11-23-12 03:52 PM
  7. ade_tobat's Avatar
    So after u put ur battery back u dont c the blackberry boot up at all? Just a suggestion if u r wearing a tight jeans dnt put ur phone in ur pocket it will messes up the phone in sumway.. either the screen or sumthing else..
    Thank god I was born in the 80's so I dnt hve to deal with the freakin skinny jeans lol
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    11-24-12 05:34 AM
  8. kally012345's Avatar
    lol yeah my jeans are tight.. and no sign of the bb boot.. its not the screen because thats what the fone man at the shop said
    11-26-12 08:31 PM

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