1. stillzmatik's Avatar
    I ordered the BlackBerry leather sleeve from Crackberry.com this week and received it on Friday. I've noticed significant battery life gains over the last two days. Maybe I didn't realize how much I possibly activate the screen while in my pocket. What I love best is that the sleeve is so streamlined and makes a great protective tool without sacrificing the pleasantries 9900's sleek design. I've owned officially licensed Blackberry sleeve for my last two devices, but this combo is the best by far.

    I assume that because AT&T didn't include a sleeve or holster, there are other providers that didn't as well. If you are looking for an alternative to a hard-shell or rubber case, the BlackBerry leather sleeve is a great option that optimizes battery conservation and looks awesome.

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    12-11-11 02:16 AM
  2. stillzmatik's Avatar
    Most carriers do will include a leather pouch or a holster i guess.
    But if not this leather pouch is great add!
    Though i have been using the leather pouch for quite a while.
    I have been using the BB oem softshell lately.
    But the leather pouch have his cons.
    what cons do you speak of?
    12-11-11 02:31 AM
  3. bricenm's Avatar
    what cons do you speak of?
    I have it and the only cons that I can speak of is:

    1. The magnet causes frequent need for compass calibration for the Wikitude browser.
    2. It's a tight squeeze in the case and it always presses the convenience key (set to camera by default).

    Is it annoying? To me yes.
    Is it a deal breaker? For me no.

    Despite my two cons, I love this case...so classy and snazy.
    12-11-11 02:38 AM
  4. jamesbondOO7's Avatar
    I like mine. Was a bit tight at the beginning but I have loosened it. Yes the way the Bold has its buttons, you are bound to action them when you pull the phone out of the sleeve. A bit annoying.
    12-11-11 02:58 AM
  5. marcony's Avatar
    The buttons did press at the beginning for me, now its becoming really rare. but i do take out/put in my 9900 around 15 times a day if not more!
    12-11-11 04:52 AM