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    Hello everybody!

    I've had the Bold 9900 for a few weeks now.. And unlike most people here in Kuwait, I ordered mine online and got it sent to me from the UK..
    I've owned about 4 BB's before it (8900, Storm 2, Pearl 3G, Bold 9780)..
    And I think I got a bad one.. My trackpad seems to be way too sensitive (like before even placing my finger on it, it starts to scroll randomly around..)
    I got a 9900 for my wife locally and she does not have this problem..
    So my question is, does anybody know a reliable place here in Kuwait that can replace the trackpad? Or know how to repair it? Or where to send it if need be? I have tried putting the sensitivity down, but then it becomes way too slow (and still moves randomly before touching it)

    Thanks guys!

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    10-27-11 04:14 PM