1. manjitsingh's Avatar
    Hello all,

    Recently my bold 9900 had droped in a batch of water resulting in water damage. I had used the good old rice in a bowl trick to fix and get rid of the water damage.

    The blackberry turns on fine and the LED is working perfectly. As you can tell the rice in the bowl trick worked for me.

    However, i have a problem as after the blackberry has loaded *BLACKBERRY with a loading bar underneath* it randomly turns off and then reloads... turns off... than reloads .... and it keeps carrying on. Im not sure why this is happening ?

    It cant be the phone can it? cause the phone seems fine as far as i can tell no signs of water damage.

    I was thinking maybe it could be the battery ?

    -yes ive done a battery pull
    - ive also held the power button for 10seconds and taken out the battery
    - ive also pluged in the charger while the baterry is in and loading up = same result
    - ive pluged in the charger while the battery isnt in the phone and i do get the regular battert X symbol ....

    Any help please? im clueless at the moment .. Cheers
    01-18-12 06:18 AM
  2. infinus's Avatar
    Try another battery
    Try keeping it under low powered electric bulb (for low continues heat, so that if any water is left it will evaporate)
    Try keeping it in rice for few more days
    If all fails
    Take it to your carrier and try to get a replacement.
    If not take to repair shop
    01-18-12 06:32 AM
  3. manjitsingh's Avatar
    ive just opened up the whole phone, there was no wet patches at all. but i did hair dry it just incase and still geting the same result...
    01-18-12 07:49 AM