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    I'm from South Africa, and am visiting my wife's family in Australia. I dont have roaming activated,but originally was using my BIS on the in-laws wifi, with my South African sim installed.

    Yesterday, I got an Optus sim,and started using that for calls and sms' (my 9900 is unlocked). This morning I tried to put my Vodacom sim in, and it asked me to sign-in with my password. When I do that (like I have numerous times before), I just get the spinning green wheel and it stays there. I've tried clicking "forgotten password", and it just says to wait while validating. It also doesnt progress from there.

    I have also tried putting the Optus card back in, and its doingth the same thing. I do not have BIS on the Optus card.

    I have done a very quick search on my PB, but didnt have much luck, as I mentioned it was a very quick search.

    What should I do?

    12-16-11 05:45 PM
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    Anyone with any ideas?

    12-16-11 11:13 PM