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    1st of all thanks to BB and RIM for there remarkable devices.I am currently a 9900/PlayBook abuser and I can't get enough! My BB life started in 09 when I purchased the storm 2 9550 witch was the greatest phone ever even after the Iphone hit I was still a proud storm user.I didn't leave the platform because ultimately I didn't and still don't understand why anyone would want to! Now if your into apps apples the way to go but the BB app world has done more than enough to keep me.I'm not a gamer and could care less about pointless apps that are only good for device display such as (flicking lighters,pooring beer,or shooting guns) BB has every app you need and now that the PB has (Angry Birds) I really don't see why people would want to leave BB.The 9900/PB is the best combo ever! And I have an apple desktop! I am not an apple hater because I like there products as well but know one gives you the bang for your buck like BB. Or you could just go spend 3 times as much on your Iphone/ipad to do generally the same things! Lol I know a swendle when I see one and apple by far is raping the game with there products! but its still a swendle for those rediculous prices!

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    01-24-12 03:27 AM
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    Lolxxx they have app for farting noises, I don't understand that why people want to make such sound from their mobile which they hold while they are in toilet. People are going mad! Again am not iphone hater but I used it and I think its waste of money with all those limitation they put on mobile, I like to have mobile with all the freedom in it like Nokia in old days and now BB. New to BB but loves it
    01-24-12 03:32 AM