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    Good morning/evening where ever you are,

    Currently using a windows 7 device running the mango update. Use this phone for a bit of web browsing, facebook, texting and work emails/calendar through Exchange Server. Emails/calendar and text are by far the most used things on the phone. Recently had a play with the Bold 9900 and loved the feel and style of the device with the physical keyboard. Thinking about jumping ship as I am also interested in a playbook (depending on OS 2) for home and work. Not too interested in gaming or to many apps on the device, F1 app is on there as well as weather so should be sweet there.

    Just have a few questions regarding the Blackberry setup with BIS/BES etc. Having not ever owned a BB before i'm a complete noob at the crackberry scene, so please excuse the silly questions...

    * Exchange setup through BIS (BES not avaliable) for work emails, I rely heavily on my current device for emails and calander which sync very quick and flawlessly with work Exchange email. Over the air sync is a must with full folder and calander sync. I don't want to have to plug the device in to sync with my desktops Outlook. i do alot of scheduling in calander (creating and inviting people to new meetings) and email reading on the fly. Is this possible through BIS or is my only option a 3rd party application like Notifysync?

    * Personal emails are through Hotmail and Gmail, setting these up through BIS will I also get calendar sync? Do the emails only come through every 15mins or instant?
    I.e currently add a task/meeting or to-do in calendar at it gives me option to pick which account it will sync too.

    * Can the inboxes be seperated?

    * Bold 9900 7OS now has youtube app, does BIS allow streaming through this app or do I have to get data plan or be on WiFi for this?

    * What sort of notifications are pulled from facebook, normall photo comments, wall posts and messages?

    * Is there a quick reference for upcoming meetings like in the notification bar or do I have to open the calander to view this?

    thanks for the assistance, might see you on the darkside...
    10-14-11 08:03 PM