11-03-11 01:18 PM
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  1. freedomx20a's Avatar
    Get it and upgrade to .440 before switching your stuff over. You'll get double batter life that way.
    11-03-11 01:30 AM
  2. Xterra2's Avatar
    OP I would say yes,it is worth buying from the 9780, I amm using a 9780 but by upper monday I would get the 9900
    Iv used a 9900 of my friend awesome, can't wait to have mine

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    11-03-11 05:52 AM
  3. go2mac's Avatar
    I heard about the 9900 being power hungry. so i will pass on this one. I'll stick with my BB9780.
    11-03-11 06:23 AM
  4. billyg072's Avatar

    How have you found the SG note? I'm not into games and such but do a lot of business, work and browsing. How's the phone reception and wifi? How does the battery hold up?

    Bye bye blackberry

    os7 sucks
    so far i'm very pleased with SG Note, i just have it for couple of days, phone and wifi works very well, the battery not so bad, the 2500 mAh lasted me from 7-18, and i'm not into games myself, i dont even have games on my Note except the one that comes with it and i never play it, i use it mostly for email, sms, ebooks, taking notes (well, its a galaxy Note ....), call about 15-30 min and IM-ing (im+, whatsapp and line ) but im+ eat away my battery so fast

    imo, os7 rocks but the 9900 is the one that suck... i would love to have 9780 with os7 (and no, i dont want 9790 that has jm1 battery...)
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    11-03-11 06:29 AM
  5. Calotag's Avatar
    Try out the keyboard and that should be enough to win you over.

    That's not even mentioning liquid graphics, improved browser speed and the premium version of docs to go for free!

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    11-03-11 11:52 AM
  6. galleon's Avatar
    Wow is that even a question? I too thought my 9700 with OS5 and OS6 was pretty good but I have since given that one to my wife and upgraded to a 9900.

    I could hardly be happier, the screen is 2nd to none for sharpness and clarity. They keyboard is absolutely awesome, and unlike some others I have had no hardware issues at all. The web browser if you use it is better and faster then OS6 on the 9700. The whole interface is much snappier and fluid, as the 9700 didn't have the power to handle some of those effects of OS6+. Anyways, I am loving this phone more every day but my biggest concern is the lack of apps for OS7 which really stinks. Also, the battery life is a little less then my 9700 which was stellar, but overall its been pretty good, I would HATE to go back to my 9700, typing on that thing feels like I'm 100 years old with arthritis in my hands compared to my 9900. And I used to think the 9700 was awesome for typing...

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    11-03-11 01:18 PM
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