1. infinnocente's Avatar
    I have has a bunch of problems with a few 9900's from the fist batch.

    I have sent out a couple of devices for warranty in the past few days, they told me that the water indicator on one device in completely red although i'm really sure that it was not exposed to water at all...

    my question is where are the water indicators on the 9900? and is it possible that normal humidity may cause the indicator to go red??

    im personally suspicious of that specific device and its manufacturing.
    since i got it i have faced charging issues as it would not charge but show my the plugged in icon on the battery not the energy zap unless i do a restart. i tried upgrading downgrading wiping and everything and yet nothing is fixed.
    another issue was it's screen.. the screen has weird shades of black "like scratches" all over from inside the lcd its self.. and they keep getting worse by time..

    So after i sent it out for replacement or fixing they tell me now the water indicator is on!

    does humidity do that? or is it faulty from the beginning..

    p.s the other device has no radio connectivity whatsoever after the battery had died and kept in the charger over night!
    02-16-12 09:51 AM
  2. Chrysalis1156's Avatar
    I believe there is an indicator on the battery and one in the battery compartment as well. Have also heard rumors of others as well but don't know where they'd be. I've read accounts of high humidity levels (aka a steamy bathroom and even in a pocket while exercising) causing damage to other bbs in the past. Hoping someone with some expertise in this area will jump in here to help you. Hope you get this resolved.
    02-16-12 11:11 AM
  3. my240sx88's Avatar
    in addition to Chrysalis1156's input there is also on inside the phone on the motherboard somewhere....at least there was on my 9000 and 9700.
    02-16-12 12:19 PM
  4. kb2755's Avatar
    My 9900 decided to brick itself overnight a few months ago and when I took it back to Future Shop, they told me one of the indicators was a bit red. Not completely by any means, but just a little bit.
    It wasn't exposed to any water source while I had it, so I'm wondering if sweat or condensation had to do with it.
    02-16-12 03:45 PM
  5. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Sweat, condensation, and humidity are, in fact, moisture.

    Exposing the device to sweaty pockets, steamy bathrooms, high humidity conditions, etc can all cause moisture damage issues.

    You can't realistically say that the device "wasn't exposed to moisture" and then in the same sentence wonder about "sweat or condensation".
    02-16-12 04:25 PM