11-16-11 10:19 AM
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  1. andy_mk3's Avatar
    I've not has a nokia since the 3310 :P They don't appeal to me at all. My 9700 is the fisrt phone I have been really pleased with and will buy another when it comes out!
    07-13-11 03:24 PM
  2. The_Kills's Avatar
    I've owned the E-series (e71 and e51). They are very well built. Unfortunately the keyboard is nowhere near as good as ANY BB. Maybe you like typing on tiny keys or you have girly hands. Anyway it looks as though the 9900 is stepping up in build quality if previews are accurate.

    The battery quality on the E series may be great, but it's running an even older and more antiquated OS than BBs are these days. Oh and it's a 2'4" touchscreen.. when some are even ******** about smallness of the 2.8" on the 9900. And I'm not sure how you could make the claim that the battery is better than the 9900 when the 9900 isn't even out, let alone "eons" better.
    Of the battery there is no debate, do a little research, you'll see for yourself.
    07-14-11 01:51 PM
  3. owski's Avatar
    Personally i think that Nokia and bb must not be compare, it's not design for the same market I mean I'm a bb user since a while, so when I want to change one of my phone the only other phonE that I may consider is the iphone but not a nokia of samsum etc etc. They are surely good phone but not to be place in the same basket .
    07-14-11 09:47 PM
  4. eaglehelang's Avatar
    Ok, as I posted a few weeks earlier, price, price, price... and camera, 8MP vs Bold 990's 5 MP. The E6 retailed for MYR1,199 in my country(USD405). Even the BB Bold 9780 cost MYR500 more(USD170). Bold 9900's estimated price is 60% more than the E6, that's a lot of money in my currency.

    Bold 9900's battery life thingy is stated in some review, I think due to the 1230 mAh battery vs E6's 1500 mAh battery. My E6 is at 50% after 2 days moderate use, but that's not the reason I chose it over BB.
    BB is for serious business users, E6 is for mixture of both, for different market segment.
    08-02-11 01:08 PM
  5. crigga84's Avatar
    I played with the E6 and was bored instantly. Clunky, ugly UI and not even as fast as the 9700.
    08-02-11 02:14 PM
  6. irkan's Avatar
    Dunno if the OP got E6 or 9900 doubt that he is still waiting, but anyways.

    I was also torn between Nokia E6 and BB 9900 (I still dont own any of them, but I have set my eyes on 9900 and just waiting till the end of the year to get it).

    I have experienced with many Nokias (Symbian nokias) and android and windows phones, till date i believe nokia is very reliable (specially the battery life, my E75 lasts 3-ish days comfortably!)

    anyways, I have gotten the chance to play a little with both (E6 and 9900) and here are my thoughts

    Nokia Advantages:
    - Free offline turn-by-turn voice navigation forever, very cool.
    - 600-ish mhz processor does not slow down the phone, performance was snappy.
    - the OS seemed optimized, and the following major version of the OS (Symbian Belle) will also run on E6 (unlike the BB 9900 where QNX will not be brought to 9900[confirmed?] )
    - Screen is sharper (not by a lot though)
    - Price is very good (comparing it with the bold 9900, the unlocked cost is about half compared to the BB9900)
    - Battery life is better than BB 9900's. (I havent experimented batteries myself though, just what the specs and reviews say)
    - 8MP camera (compared to 5MP on the BB9900)

    BB Advantages:
    - Nicer design (looks more professional than the E6 IMO)
    - BB services (Specially BBM)
    - Keyboard is more inviting.
    - nicer graphics.
    - more powerful processor (almost double)
    - more RAM.

    here is why i choose BB 9900
    - I have love for gadgets, i have tried them all except for the BB, its time i try it out. and no i dont want an old BB I want the newest one.
    - BBM, all my friends and colleagues have BBM (there is whatsapp, msn, ebuddy, .. etc but oddly enough, noone seems to care about them)

    honestly, if it wasnt for the BB services (specially the BBM) and my curiosity about BB, i would have gone with the E6.

    practically, it just made more sense, i mean business specs wise (if you removed BB services out of the equation) the E6 is a better deal.

    if you can let go of the BB services, i think E6 would make more sense to you too.

    - you can get used to the keyboard easily.
    - E6 has excellent support for exchange and other email providers
    - You save almost half the cost of the BB 9900 (if unlocked).

    So yeah, .. if you are still out there, tell us what did you end up buying lol.
    11-14-11 12:49 PM
  7. chelojavier's Avatar
    I purchased a Blackberry 9900 for two months. It burns the screen when I had no 2 hours of use ... As I sell cell phones and had available the new Nokia E6, I decided to use one as my 9900 returned to the seller waiting for a replacement, I used the Nokia E6 for a week and my conclusions are: The screen is definitely too small to be functional. The text is practically unreadable. The screen brightness even at maximum level is very opaque. The keyboard is very good, I know many find it incredible, but I write better on the E6. Almost flat keys Blackberry 9900, I definitely do not are very comfortable, even as the wider keyboard. The worst of the Nokia E6 is serious conflict to synchronize mail server. The emails often arrive instantly, but sometimes take almost 2 hours. The uncertainty is terrible. As a seller, answer questions by mail is my biggest concern with a phone, and definitely the Nokia E6 (as all the latest Nokias I know: E7 C7 X7, etc ...) have their biggest problem there. The battery life is much higher than 9900, given its hardware performance, which is well below 9900. The graphical interface transitions are not smooth, but can live with that. I come for 6 months using a Samsung Galaxy S2, and was tired of fighting with the touchpad. For someone living writing mails, is not the most comfortable. Even so, I believe that today, Android handles messaging as effectively as any Blackberry.
    11-15-11 11:12 PM
  8. daysleeper24's Avatar
    Haven't tried the E6 but I currently own an E72 and the curve 8520. The OS seems a bit dated on Nokia symbiam devices and i really hope it's something the really update. I love the battery life on my E-series but I just adore how my curve keeps me connected all the time!
    11-16-11 10:19 AM
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