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    This has probably happened once every 3-4 days and the red light notification would just glow for 2-3 seconds then boom restarts. Tried googling the problem but to no avail. Bought this phone off kijiji new, unlocked and sealed, latest version is loaded. I was thinking the micro sd card, but that can't be the issue as my music/pictures load up fine. Anyone else have this problem or know of any solution? Could be something with the software version am guessing? Tried battery pull, but I'm sure that doesn't do anything since it will happen again in a few days.

    Solutions anyone?

    Running on btw. Not willing to try the beta 353 since it's probably not that stable and eff up my phone.
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    Happened to mine for a few days until 1 day in went in a boot loop. Would get to the Splash screen then boot again. Tried loading the OS again but the phone died. Phone wouldn't turn on and the Red light would flash twice every 5 seconds. I then exchanged the phone

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    09-07-11 08:04 PM
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    Is there a fix for this issue yet? Just started happening to me too.
    09-07-11 08:46 PM
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    My Sprint 9930 restarts at least 2-3 times per day. Really driving me nuts. Haven't had time to exchange it yet. Maybe this weekend.
    09-07-11 09:04 PM
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    Beta 353 has just been official.. That means its good enough of a build that a carrier will support you installing it
    09-07-11 09:13 PM
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    mine upgrade to .440 last night, but after one our it suddenly restart again. crap thing, I think the OS use windows library just wait until blue screen appears hahahaahha

    no solution until today...
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    That is very unfortunate This happened to me before and I've learned to never buy anything blackberry from a second market, even if its brand new unless they have a receipt. RIM's quality control (even though I love BB) is very inconsistent and unreliable.

    Hopefully you find a solution soon!

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