1. White9900's Avatar
    If you like dressing your babe it leather you should love this find.

    It is a Genuine Leather Stand that was designed for earlier models but fits the 9900 and 9930 perfectly!

    For all those that are buying the leather door the is a must.

    The product code is HDW-11575-001 here are a few links below but look around as the price varies.

    Also very useful with a PB as it folds flat and can be used the Journal case

    Happy New Year!

    Amazon.com: Authentic Professional Blackberry Leather Desktop Stand Version [OEM] HDW11575001: Electronics

    Blackberry HDW-11575-001 - A leather desktop stand to display your device in style. Keeps your workspace tidy when you're charg

    12-31-11 02:11 AM
  2. jefo13's Avatar
    Just use the 9900 built-in kickstand, no need to buy anything.
    12-31-11 03:25 AM
  3. White9900's Avatar
    What Kickstand? Joker!
    12-31-11 03:52 AM
  4. greggebhardt's Avatar
    This leather stand has been around for ever and I have to admit that I have one at my house and office desk.

    It is old school but works perfectly with every phone I own.
    12-31-11 06:27 AM
  5. StumptownBold's Avatar
    Although I don't know about this leather stand, the "leather" battery door (if ordered from truesupplier or ebay) is total crap. Don't waste your $$$. It's not real leather, and is a cheap Chinese knock off that feels low quality compared to the rest of the 9900/9930. I ended up not even using it the same day I got it, total crap.
    12-31-11 11:34 AM
  6. White9900's Avatar
    Thanks for that! The stand is real leather and is a nice touch with the OEM journal case.
    01-02-12 09:56 AM
  7. Phill_UK's Avatar
    What Kickstand? Joker!
    This kickstand... Breaksclusive: Introducing the BlackBerry KickStand! | CrackBerry.com
    01-02-12 10:05 AM
  8. White9900's Avatar
    And I am going to take the cover off and rest my phone on 2 Chinese plastic clips with one hand.

    Post me a video of you doing that, and I will post you one of me putting my White 9900 with its case still on in a leather stand with one hand while scrolling my Playbook with the other.

    Phill get a grip that is some dumbo's idea of a joke!

    The backdoor is not a very bright solution if you are on the move and use your hardware as much as I like to do.

    Ps. You are still as dry as ever!
    01-04-12 12:25 PM
  9. rrrebo's Avatar
    I've had the BB leather stand since my 8300. It fits the 97xx in Commuter perfectly, but it's a shade narrow for the 99xx in Commuter. The convenience key makes you have to angle it a tad to slide it in, but it holds it solidly. It'll fit a skinned or nekkid 99xx just dandily. Mine is currently at home holding my kids' 9860 (in Commuter).

    The stand folds flat for easy storage and portability, holds itself together with a decent magnet, and has handy cutouts for convenient USB cable routing.
    01-04-12 01:18 PM