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    I have done extensive searching online foe a battery-skin type case that has an additional battery, and not just an extended battery like the 3300 mAh, and was wondering if this community knows of any for the Blackberry Bold 9900.


    This is an example fo what I was looking for:
    PowerSkin for BlackBerry Bold
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    01-18-13 02:54 PM
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    Well, hello friend! I might have your answer. Because of this and that, the 9900's battery just didnt last. So I went online and searched for the exact same thing your are looking for, as I didnt like the look of the seido battery.

    The only thing that kept popping up was the "Ecomgear external battery back up case for blackberry bold 9900" Or something among those lines.
    From what i gathered from different websites, it was 2000mAh (which wasnt that much, but still better than nothing). The price was just too cheap to be true (20usd~) .. Oh, and it also said it could be used up to 500 times. Also, it was chinese. A little pesky, isnt it? However, i really needed the extra juice, so i just went ahead and bought it.
    3 weeks later it arrived home. Nowhere in the package or the user guide could I see a company name, some pretty basic english with a couple of mistakes, but that didnt surprise me anyway. But the product itself did.. It surely looks good, but it isnt good. It cant hold the charge even when turned off, the only button doesnt work as advertised, it can only charge the phone like 40% maybe, then it just mysteriously stops charging even when it clearly has juice, as stated by the 4 leds on the backgroud. Oh, and it also makes my phones signal go bananas when its on.

    Short-long story, I ended up carrying a spare.

    Im willing to upload pics if you want. I still have it sitting on a drawer in its package.
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    01-18-13 09:47 PM
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    Thank you for the reply, I think you and I found the same thing. I found some videos and a couple of threads that hinted at this product being a good one but I am glad I did not get it on your suggestion.

    I think the spare is what I will end up doing, though it is hard-ish to take the case off, but when I know I will not get a charge in before it dies I suppose that is the best option.
    I will keep looking and post here if I find anything legit.


    Amazon link I found of "sketchy" power skin: Amazon.com: Goldensunsky 2000mAh Power External Backup Battery Case Cover for BlackBerry Bold 9900 9930: Cell Phones & Accessories
    01-29-13 04:40 AM

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