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    I bought a Bold 9900 at the start of 2019. I think it came with a replacement battery. It worked for 10~11 months until now. But today it doesn't boot up. It shows red light, shows BlackBerry logo, after a few seconds shuts down and goes the same again. Tried reloading OS, but gets stuck at "Reconnecting to JVM". Tried every method that was found in entire internet (Crackberry included). Connecting to charger or not the same problem. Hope you can help. Maybe it is from the replacement battery? I have a few somewhere, I am going to find them and try all of them (3 batteries). I will reply if found and I have some results. Just want to mention that sometimes the BB boots up.

    UPDATE: New thing discovered! If restored via autoloader, it will work without any problems, there won't be the problems that were written upper. But if I try to upgrade to the latest version of BBOS 7.1 it will be stuck at "Reconnecting to JVM". Hopefully I can manage to find a fix.

    UPDATE 2: It worked! After another restoration using Autoloader, I opened BDS and went to the Applications menu, there was an update to the Device Software and I clicked Apply. It updated it without any problems. Gonna try to update to and say the results, maybe this was temporary?

    UPDATE 3: I don't think this is a device issue, since BlackBerry System Software 7.0 had an update (yes 7.0, because the autoloader is the 7.0 version) and it was without problems but when trying to update to it always get stuck at "Waiting for device initialization" or "Reconnecting to JVM" as when the device reboots it shows red light then BlackBerry logo and immidiately goes into boot loop. Maybe this is really a battery issue?
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    11-02-19 02:52 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Really you just need to keep trying, it's all about the timing of battery placement and luck - But yeah, ensuring you have a working battery is certainly needed.
    11-02-19 04:08 PM
  3. XWintech's Avatar
    The thing here is that it did it before reloading the OS. I pulled the battery re-inserted it and the same boot loop, I knew that Bold 9900 has some factory issues with power like BB cannot verify the integrity of the battery or something else but I thought for the best and reloaded the software which was stuck at "Reconnecting to JVM". Now I used the autoloader and it worked but unfortunately it does the boot loop again. I think there is something going on with the battery itself, maybe because it is replaced? Because if I leave the battery unplugged for a few hours and then plug it in, it will work, but if I reboot the phone (ALT+SHIFT+DEL method) it will go into boot loop again.
    11-03-19 01:31 AM

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