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    Hi, just wanna some tips about my new BB, i`ve been an user of android phones, having aswell a samsung S2, which is much diferent...can`t compare.

    However i just got this new BB 9900 sim free from a friend for a super deal, no contrat

    It is typical on this phone, when you are surfing, that the colours and image are not really sharp or original as on another smartphone as you were online.

    I am getting usted to phone, and knowing how it works, im aware that is highlights are messaging, etc as using it to go on the web

    Appreciate all coments

    01-31-12 10:56 AM
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    Well first of all welcome to Crackberry forums.
    You will find all the information you need here... the Blackberry Bold 9900 is really great and i hope you will enjoy your deice as much as i am

    Just know that your Unlocked (SIM free) Blackberry bold 9900 can be used with many GSM carriers from all over the world but you also need a BIS account from the carrier you are using to get Data services working correctly..
    If you are going to switch and use more then one carrier then you should remember setting the PIN on the BIS you are using and also sometimes reinstalling the service books on your Bold 9900...

    Enjoy your new Blackberry!
    You will get used to it fast
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    01-31-12 11:50 AM