1. denis0625's Avatar
    so i just got my blackberry 9900, put my sim in, registered, got an email... just to find out i cant open it! i simply cannot open it! the only emails i can open are the ones from blackberry that say my blackberry is not registered, any other email just wont open! Another problem ive got is that my browser wont load any website, i can type the URL but it just wont load. No loading bar, no nothing, it just simply stays white!

    ive tried to resend the service books
    ive tried a battery pull
    and i tried a full security wipe

    the phone was locked on vodafone UK and now is unlocked.

    Can ANYONE help me please? it is really frustrating not being able to open the emails, and work with a blackberry that doesnt have a working browser!

    thanks in advance!
    08-24-11 04:15 PM
  2. Fabulosity1's Avatar

    I had the exact same problem and it is so frustrating as when I called Vodafone they didnt seem to know what the problem was and they were just collecting test cases!

    Anyways, I discovered that if you reload the software the email and browser begin to work again. I have just done mine so not sure if anything else stops working off the back of this but at least the browser and email are functioning as intended.

    Here is a nice easy step by step on the BB site you can follow:
    BlackBerry - BlackBerry - Installing BlackBerry Device Software

    Hope it works for you to
    08-24-11 11:48 PM
  3. JAGONAUT's Avatar
    I have the same e-mail problems and I've spent hours on the phone to Vodaphone technicians and been through all the procedures and I still cannot open my e-mails.
    Vodaphone have agreed to replace my phone but have none in stock - I've also checked online and noticed loads of people with the same problem - it's obviously a big fault with this phone model. Being that Blackberry are renowned for e-mail smart phones I would have expected some announcement from BB to offer some software remedy - I wait in hope !
    08-25-11 05:42 AM
  4. unlockdata's Avatar
    I too had this problem today when using my BlackBerry Bold 9900 for the first time. (Vodafone UK carrier).

    I tried Registering the Host Routing Table, Service Books delete and resend, Wipe, all with no luck.

    I have now worked out a solution which involves a forced reloading the O/S using the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

    1. Load & Run the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Software/Manager
    2. Connect BlackBerry Device via USB
    3. When the device is fully recognised, perform a full backup (assuming you have any important data).
    4. Once this has done, Click the DEVICE menu (top left) then UPDATE
    5. You will probably be told that there are no newer versions available - at this point click 'VIEW OTHER VERSIONS', then follow the steps to reinstall the O/S. This takes around 30 mins depending on internet connection speed.

    I recommend you DO NOT allow it to back up your data at this point and just do a restore with the minimal amount of data you can get away with after, e.g. Contacts and BBM. Would not recommend you do a full restore or restore your email messages as this may restore the fault.

    Please let me know your feedback if you try this.
    08-25-11 10:06 AM
  5. nalwor's Avatar

    I have the Blackberry Bold 9900 and it has the same problems - Unable to open emails and fails to display web pages. Tried download the Desktop Manager, go to Update and it says I have the latest version and doesn't have the 'View Other Versions' button option.

    Tried a hard reset, wiping the blackberry, registering host table...

    Can anyone help?

    Many thanks
    09-12-11 06:37 AM
  6. callen5's Avatar
    Tired what you suggested Jason and it didnt work

    My facebook app, bbm work (which if im not mistaken use internet on the phone to work?!) and emails do come through to my phone but i cannot open them! also the internet browser doesn't load up when i put an website in to search, i just get a white screen underneath the browser bar!

    had the same problem a week ago on a different handset which vodafone said was faulty surely all there handsets cant be faulty!

    Can anyone help?
    cheers Chris
    09-14-11 03:29 PM
  7. Shippos's Avatar
    Same problems to me, I don't know what I can do
    09-26-11 04:32 AM
  8. JoshH37's Avatar
    I am facing the same issue with emails, I can delete them or mark them read but clicking on them or pressing menu and then open does nothing. A battery pull solves the problem but only for a couple hours! Any ideas?!
    03-02-12 05:19 PM