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    For a very, very long time we have heard that the Dakota a.k.a Bold Touch would have a model number 9900. These were just rumors of course and bared no more truth to the whole Bold Touch story as the device itself. However, today we can officially say we believe the Bold Touch will go by the model 9900 as outed in this UAProf document on RIMs own website. The BlackBerry 9900 has these listed specs:

    480640 resolution
    OS 6.1
    QWERTY keyboard
    Time will tell exactly what the 9900 turns out to be, but were pretty excited to see it as the Bold Touch. Which next-gen BlackBerry device do you think it will be?

    NOTE: Please keep in mind that I'm just posting some news for the people who are interested in this. I would appreciate it if you also keep in mind that this isn't my news, so don't complain to me when you find out this information isn't true


    SOURCE: http://n4bb.com/
    03-05-11 03:42 PM
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    What sort of timeframe does this kind of thing normally indicate? Is it still late Q2 / Q3 as the roadmap indicates or are we talking about earlier now?
    03-05-11 09:58 PM