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    Like others have mention, go cry somewhere else.
    09-13-11 07:29 AM
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    where in my previous posts did i give you the impression or state that the customer is always right? Im simply asking for advice, and/or ranting about the new policy this stupid company has.

    ITS FUNNY....

    -I didnt enter ANY agreement yet, so you fail at that.
    -I DONT believe tmobile is obligated to offer me the same terms, im just simply asking for advice, and/or ranting. You fail again.
    -Its not fair for several reasons which i will explain.

    Say a " customer" upgrades to the plan and then gets stuck with the 2 year upgrade. NOW, lets say that " customer" loses their blackberry and decides he/she cant afford to buy a new one, and decides to play it cool and get a ****ty nokia. The company is going to FORCE you to require a data plan on that ****ty nokia.

    ^ If you think thats fair, you need a reality check my friend.
    1) It IS a scheme, as you state, your intention is to use the phone on a different carrier. You are doing something that is not in your mutually agreed upon contract.

    2) 20 year old Nokia phone? Streeeeetch the truth much?

    3) Sounds to me like you don't read contracts much. Read the contract, then post. T-Mobile is providing you a phone at a reduced price and in doing so, they have terms and conditions that must be met. Read the terms and conditions....if they state you must maintain a data plan, then you have a choice to make. Bottom line, you're mad because you feel like you're getting slighted but you're also uneducated (not lack of school, lack of reading your T&C)....so until you find out, stop whining. Here's looking at it a different way: You buy a car, agree to make payments, then wreck your car.....you still have to pay for it, the manufacturer doesn't owe you another car.....T-Mobile is the manufacturer in this case. Your options are to buy a replacement phone at full price, get insurance at the time of purchase covering that or STFU. You want to cheat the system. Nowhere in your T-Mobile contract will it state that you can use the phone elsewhere without some form of penalty. Their income is derived from you using their services and as such, using those services provide T-Mobile income, which is where the discount for your phone comes from. You're trying to cut off their income stream, they know it and that's why they said no to you....seriously, dude, get over yourself.

    4) We're all ahead of you when it comes to this because we recognize steps 1-3.......you're cheating, you got caught, deal with it.

    T-Mobile sucks anyways. Was with them for a decade and service actually decreased in quality versus increase....so much so that service in my house finally didn't work. I bought (full price) five different phones in a years time to try to rectify that (and I wanted them, too) and that didn't solve the issue. They let me out of my contract.

    GSM and CDMA are different types of service, so unless you REALLY use concurrent voice and data, you should consider CDMA...stronger signal overall.

    And you'll want 3G.......otherwise, why not use the 20 year old Nokia phone?

    Just saying......
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    Basically you're trying to screw T-Mobile only they won't let you But what they say makes sense, you're opening a contract and the new contract is for the smartphone so it would make sense to tell you that the contract is binded to the phone. I mean you could never do that on VZW or any other carrier for that matter.

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    09-13-11 08:25 AM
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    There's been some other people on these boards helping people in the US get Rogers devices from Canada. I would say you're better off going that route as then you can actually get 3G service on your 9900 instead of 2G from T-Mobile. Yes, you'll have to pay an off contract price which is around $500, but you'll be free and clear of any other hoops to jump through and you'll have a device that works on AT&T properly (3/4G).

    Just some advice...
    09-13-11 10:27 AM
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    Is it my understanding now that besides being forced to stick with the carrier for 2 years in order to get the discounted price (which ought to be completely free like in the UK when you sign up for 24 months there), you also have to have a data plan or you get charged an ETF?!
    09-13-11 10:38 AM
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    Look, just cancel the service and tell them to stick it. If you've been with them 10 years, I guarantee you they have no record of you signing anything that covers your current contract period. Most likely you did it via phone and that record is somewhere they will never ever find it or care. Just break the contract, let them bill, but be diligent about responding to all the debt collector letters. Ask them for copies of the contract, they won't have it, they won't report you to credit bureaus. Look online for advice on how to deal with the debt collectors but you should be fine, I've broken a few cell phone contracts before and it was no big deal at all -- a few debt collector letters, I disputed the debts, never heard from them since and not on my credit file at all.
    09-13-11 11:37 AM
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    If you are going to use At&t SIM card with your unlocked Blackberry then get a Canadian device from Rogers or Bell so it can work with 3G on at&t.

    T-mobile Blackberry 9900 can be unlocked but it will give you only 2G with at&t sim card.
    If you already have a device from T-Mobile you can try to find someone to trade it for a Rogers / Bell 9900 Blackberry.

    But if you are not going to use data plan with your Blackberry 9900 you can just unlock any 9900/9930 to get it working with your GSM sim card for calls/SMS.
    09-13-11 11:55 AM
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    Its remarkable that there are a few people who have commented on this thread informing the OP about which unlocked 9900 will get 3g or 2g. Which is completely besides the point and something that (s)he already acknowledged.. Always quite a few employees from major carriers, hehe

    OP- sorry I dont have any advice for you. And I competely agree about these scamming mobile companies who monopolize and do not allow the free choice of changing plans services. Like requiring internet is stupid. If I dont want to use it, why should I pay. Lame, so I feel your pain. Also slightly funny that they are essentially calling your bluff though.
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    It is to recoup the subsidy they are paying for you to have a discount on the phone from the $500-600 down the to $250-300 range.

    If you paid full retail for the phone, I bet it would be a different story.

    And, no, they aren't forcing you to do anything - they just aren't going along with your scheme. They just don't want to lose money.

    And yes, they ARE forcing me to have a data plan on a 20 year old phone. If a customer such as my self DECIDES to NOT use a blackberry any more, for WHATEVER reason, i should be allowed to do that and not have to be burdened with a 20 year old paperweight phone and a $15 data fee.

    Stupidity at its best.
    09-13-11 12:46 PM
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    i have just read all the posts in this thread,and i must admit ive not laughed like that for a long time.i think the o/p should post more often.
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    09-13-11 01:10 PM
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    what kind of " scheme" are you talking about? It is solely MY decision whether i want to keep the blackberry or not, hence the fact that they allowed me to upgrade, and then the next day cancel the data. When a CUSTOMER upgrades, they sign a contract that they will pay for the DATA they receive whether it be through minutes or texts or web or w.e . Point is, there was no scheme involved. Its a matter of the customer doing what they want under their " rules". Now, it seems as if these fcs are getting greedy and want to impose more restrictions on their customers.

    Now, i understand the plan is geared for a BB, but what happens when a customer decides they dont need a smart phone any more? What if the customer just wants to use a plain nokia for simple calls? <--- This is my problem, according the the tmobile rep she claims this ISNT possible any more. EVERY customer who upgrades MUST have a data plan REGARDLESS for the length of the contract. <--- THIS RIGHT HERE IS HORRID. If ANYONE thinks that this is in any way ethical and/or a good thing for the customer, then please, get a life.

    And yes, they ARE forcing me to have a data plan on a 20 year old phone. If a customer such as my self DECIDES to NOT use a blackberry any more, for WHATEVER reason, i should be allowed to do that and not have to be burdened with a 20 year old paperweight phone and a $15 data fee.

    Stupidity at its best.
    I don't get what the issue is here. You will be getting the phone at a discounted rate if you agree to the terms of the 2 year contract which includes keeping your plan for the duration of the contract. If you decide to cancel your plan(which in your case includes the data plan) you will have to pay the cancellation fee. It is a standard practice and if you have gotten away with it in the past, then it is because someone simply made an exception for you.

    You are better of buying it off-contract because the cancellation fees will equate to or exceed what you would have paid if you bought it outright.

    Pretty basic stuff; the contract is binding. Renege and get penalized
    09-13-11 01:11 PM
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    Just to add Canadian carriers do something similiar. If you cancel your plan on an upgrade in the first year they charge you an addition 200 buyout. You are obligated to stay on data with them if they are giving you a new shiny data friendly phone.
    09-13-11 01:43 PM
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    What I don't understand is that, even if I buy the phone outright, some phone companies require a 2 year plan. Also, while Verizon will let me add a line and get a smartphone and then remove the data package and put a dumb phone on that line, Verizon will NOT let me pay full price for a smart phone and put it on a line without data. Not even if I have data totally blocked from that line. To me this seems backwards, I can remove data from a discounted smartphone line by swapping phones but can't use a smartphone on a line without data. (Before you ask why I would want to do this, my mother would love to have a phone with a few games on it. I could download these over wi-fi and she could play them any time she wanted. She doesn't browse the web at all though.)
    09-13-11 03:29 PM
  14. david.e.crocker@gmail.com's Avatar
    09-13-11 04:28 PM
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    i'm in south carolina right now with my 1week old vodafone 9900 that would work with at&t 3g.
    850$ and it's yours
    09-13-11 04:42 PM
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    But that's not what you're doing. You are trying to get the phone from T-mobile cause you don't wang to wait for ATT.
    09-13-11 04:50 PM
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    He's simply trying to rip off T-Mobile, and is complaining for them not to allow him to cancel the plan. And what's worse, he comes here to complain and seek advice
    09-13-11 05:21 PM
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    He's simply trying to rip off T-Mobile, and is complaining for them not to allow him to cancel the plan. And what's worse, he comes here to complain and seek advice
    This is a response to you, and all the other idiots with the same kind of responses.

    First off, im not trying to rip off anyone. Im here COMPLAINING, YES COMPLAINING IN A PUBLIC BOARD YOU IDIOTS, and asking for ADVICE, something YOU IDIOTS still dont realize....

    Many of you said complain elsewhere.... Really? Where else? Should i go to the tmobile store and suck the managers peacock? Or perhaps you want me to call the BBB and complain? Its a public board, if you dont like peoples opinions THEN GTFO!

    I never thought that what i was doing was " WRONG" , its a matter of a customer doing what they want. I've had AT&T for a while and they never have a problem with me downgrading, hence my reaction was dumbfounded when tmobile told me this.

    Im going to make my point strong and clear now;

    The reason why the companies are ****ting on everyone nowadays is because of ****** bags like you.

    Pat your selves on the back you morons, and who ever said i was uneducated needs to seriously wake up and smell reality. This is a PUBLIC forum, not an employment board. You are the uneducated one who is still probably scratching his head. You STILL have no idea WHY i came on this board.
    09-13-11 05:37 PM
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    OK first he wants suggestions on how to scam the carrier after explaining what he intends to do and now he is flaming the thread. Time for a ban I think. Mods, do you agree? Thanks
    09-13-11 05:54 PM
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