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    Alright I just wanna say thank you to all the people who answered that last question Anyways im on a 3 year contract on rogerrs and this is my second year! I was wonder if i could re-new my contract and pay the $199.99 for the bold 9900? Or would i just have to buy the phone for like $700.00? That would suckk!
    05-19-11 06:18 PM
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    This article should answer your question with how it works now:

    What You Want When You Want It: Upgrade Early with Rogers | Rogers RedBoard

    May be able to convince them to let you upgrade early with no additional fee if you threaten to cancel your service, but would be largely hit and miss. Previously you could upgrade every 24 months with BB's from the last time you upgraded. Now as per above they are changing that but technically no matter what you should still be able to upgrade at 24 months (besides contract price for phone). Or else pay the extra fee for each month your upgrading early as per above.
    05-19-11 09:00 PM
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    if you are in a second year at the end of second yr you can do a hardware upgrade and sign 3 yrs to get 3 yr price.

    there is a new early HUP plan where you pay smth like $10 a month until your eligible.

    just call rogers
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    05-19-11 09:01 PM
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    Thank youu! my second year will be on june 8th so i guesss after that i just call and ask for the 3 year plan for the bold 9900 when it comes out!
    05-20-11 06:14 PM