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    So, my phone has been dead for a few days now. I don't know exactly where to begin. I bought my phone online, but has a service warranty last September 10, 2011. It worked fine, just some few minor problems that didn't really bother me until some people noticed it, like the screen twitching as if the pictures are moving. Not as responsive when not in use, would take a couple of minutes before it would light up if I click the buttons. And phone call won't last more than 10 minutes.

    Anyway, so two months ago, I had a problem, my phone just freezed and I kept doing a quick pull which everytime it loads and goes on but still keeps on freezing. Then, finally, an error appeared (JVM Error 102) when the BlackBerry Reboot won't completely load anymore (3/4) then if I click reset or do another quick pull, same thing happens. Got annoyed, so didn't really mind my phone for about three days, until finally I had it and just searched online and tried everything and finally got it to work using JL_Cmder! Which was a blessing then, because nothing got erased and was working fine, and the phone call would last more than 10 minutes, too.

    But, now, sadly... I think my phone is now officially dead. After four months from having it, same thing happens, it would freeze and just turn off automatically and if I press the buttons it would not respond. The battery percentage was high, more than 50% and I am positive about that, so I was really weirded out when it would not respond when I click the buttons and it would stay black. So, I did a quick pull. It would work, but then same thing would happen, and I'll do another quick pull. Until, finally it went off...... then there another error occured (JVM Error 545), which by searching online, I thought I could fix it easily like JVM Error 102, but I couldn't or was lazy to do so because I had to wipe it off which I don't want to do, or I didn't research enough. So, again, I left it on for a day, to drain the battery I guess or whatever, because the white screen with the JVM Error 102 won't go anywhere and I don't want to remove my battery. So, after an overnight, the next day it just turned black. I could still turn it on, but it would have that sand timer thingy that inverts when it loads (no idea how to explain it), and then red light would turn on, and off then back again to the sand timer. It would restart itself like that even if I don't do anything. So, I removed the battery... then the next day.... it just died. I would charge it and if I hold the end button the red light would come on, and there it will be, even if I leave it for hours. Nothing will happen but that steady red LED light on.

    I'm so stressed out, been searching for fix for days, nothing can't fix it........ I tried the connecting it to the Desktop Manager and reload the OS but after loading at least 1/3 it would say that an error has occured and can't continue. With the Apploader, same thing, it would know the device and pin, but could not find it which I find weird.

    I NEED AN ANSWER PLEASE. Someone help me! :-(
    12-29-11 01:45 PM
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    here is a step by step on how to fix it
    12-29-11 04:47 PM
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    Delete any OS on your pc via control panel. Download,delete vendor and try this posted by fubaz in another thread:
    pull battery
    run apploader.exe
    when on pin screen put battery in, and quickly push next.
    follow the prompts and reload your device.

    If you can get the BB to backup first after all the errors,I suggest you do that first.Let us know if it works out for you.I would only backup contacts and such things that you absolutely need in case apps are causing the problems.Good Luck
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