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    Hi all.

    Phone- 9900 | Computer MacBookPro running Lion OSX 10.7.2 | DM 2.2.0 (Build 17)

    I got my 9900 in October and did a back up successfully then. I haven't been able to make another back up since then. I get the message "BlackBerry Desktop Software failed to backup your BlackBerry device. The device was disconnected." when it gets to updating social feeds.

    Does anyone have any idea of what could be causing this as i cant even do any OS update if i cant back up.

    I'm running the official OS that came with the phone and Platform

    Its already unlocked.

    I have tried
    a. re-installing Desktop Software
    b. Hard reset my 9900
    c. I ve looked @ every setting in the phone.
    d. removed the memory card

    I also noticed that sometimes when i connect the phone to the MBP it asks for password to use it as a Storage Device and other times it doesn't.

    Thanks for the help
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    11-13-11 01:06 PM
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    MIne did the same thing. Finally worked after like, the third try. I don't know what that's about. I logged out of fb and that seemed to work for some reason.
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    11-13-11 07:20 PM
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    I had that problem once. do you have the latest DM for the Mac? Not sure if it's in the beta zone or out to public release. May want to check that...

    On EDIT: .17 is the latest.
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    11-13-11 07:31 PM
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    Ok. I will try the two suggestions .
    11-14-11 02:38 AM
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    i was able to back up the 9900 after logging out of facebook (and i also logged off Twitter too for double measure)

    This must be a bug of some sort.

    Anyways thanks y'all.

    Now lemme try to update my OS to the newest.

    Need to go get a windows PC for that cos it seems not to be working via Wine.
    11-14-11 06:49 AM
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    I'm having the same problem too! the thing is, even when i signed out of both twitter and facebook, it still doesn't create a backup even though it finished backing up. even the summary shows the last backup to be in october. TT please help me.
    11-14-11 09:12 AM
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    Does it complete the back up process?
    11-14-11 10:58 AM
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    i have the exact same problem.
    on a mbp using version 10.7.2 mac osX

    and desktop manager is running version 2.2.0 version 17.

    tried reinstalling desktop manager, battery pull, off on the phone, the desktop manager just refused to connect to my bb 9900.

    help help!!
    whats wrong?
    11-15-11 12:39 AM
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    I have the exact same problem that occurred in October/11. I, however, own a 9810; everything else is the same (Desktop version, BB OS, Mac OS). I can backup if I select certain items from backup list though! Something is going on!!! Anyone from Blackberry reading this thread? Please help.
    11-17-11 08:58 PM
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    Just tried to update OS, but thought i would back up 9900 first on my mac.

    Same problem here, software on Mac fully up to date, logged out of fb and twitter, hard reset phone and still no joy! FRUSTRATING!!!!
    11-18-11 07:20 AM
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    update.... have managed to do a partial back up by deselecting 'social feeds' on the back up .... can't do that on the os update though!
    11-18-11 07:25 AM
  12. robsteve's Avatar
    There was a new update to the BlackBerry Desktop software in the last day or so. Mine is currently at 2.2.1 build 7. You might want to try updating and see if anything changes.
    11-18-11 08:11 AM
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    Yup, that's the version i am using.....
    11-18-11 03:17 PM
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    What is it with Blackberry not testing these things! This is really silly and avoidable. I thought they would be trying to keep customers right now and not driving them to distraction with careless mistakes like this.
    It's clear there is a big problem updating the 9900 on a mac. ...Like you can't do it!
    Wish SOMEBODY from blackberry would read this and hopefully post a workaround whilst they fix this technical issue.
    Honestly. Can't see me staying with BB for long.
    12-02-11 10:38 AM
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    I've had no issues backing up through mac bdm.
    Though it does mess up birthdays on my contacts every time. But I got the workaround to that but it is annoying - (using myphone app on ipad). And since I've gotten itunes match up the syncing between itunes and 9900 has been flaky.

    Please update if you have resolved this issue.

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    12-02-11 07:27 PM
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    I am fairly new to Blackberry (got my 9900 in October) and apart from the first update I haven't been able to update since - I use a Mac. After reading the above tips, it still disconnects part way through the process.

    Has anyone solved the issue yet?

    To be honest I am rather unimpressed with Blackberry so far - I only moved to Blackberry after having a a useless iPhone - not sure it was worth it at the moment.

    Thanks for any help you may be able to give me.
    12-07-11 09:33 AM
  17. smsxful's Avatar
    Mine did the exact same thing. Frustrating.

    I too tried all the above. I have the BB Bold 9900.

    I had my backup PC running Windows Vista and it worked fine..

    When I updated/backup'd on Vista, BBDesktop actually prompted to install an additional driver file that said wasn't already included on the BBDesktop Software; and it worked fine. I imagine they haven't released that driver for Mac's yet..

    01-15-12 09:15 PM
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    I have the same problem, sometimes I get lucky, other times not, like now I have tried on 2 different macs and even on the notebook on windows xp is doing the same thing. Previously I had restored from an earlier back up, but don't want to do that now as I have new stuff I don't want to lose. So has no one come up with the reason?
    02-01-12 06:27 AM
  19. _isaac_'s Avatar
    I experienced the same problems depicted in this thread and found them to be the result of a known issue (to BlackBerry). RIM's overview of the issue is as follows:

    "In some cases BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac is unable to backup the Social Feeds database from BlackBerry 7.0 smartphones. When attempting to backup the device the message BlackBerry Desktop software failed to backup your blackberry device. The device was disconnected. Reconnect your device and try again. will be displayed."

    RIM's two workarounds are as follows:

    "Workaround 1:

    Clear the Social Feeds database on the device using BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac, see KB19933.

    Workaround 2:

    Complete a selective backup of the device and exclude the Social Feeds database using BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac, see KB18776."

    I was able to backup my BB employing the second workaround listed above. Hope this helps!


    trackback URL: KB29571-Unable to backup the Social Feeds database using BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac
    02-06-12 05:05 PM