1. masterel's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Finally after several months I have made my work email through OWA working. I wanted to share it with you cause maybe someone has the same problem.

    When I firstly setup my work email i was supposed to fill in the server something like https://webmail.xxx.ac.xx/exchange. For the past months the account was receiving periodically some emails and then stop working and then delete the account and set it up again. made bettery pulls etc etc. I tried everything call the ISP, the it people from work, reading forums without any solution.

    A week ago i tried something i didnt do before. In the name server field i typed http://webmail.xxx.ac.xx/exchange without the "s" (the little devil) even my work uses the https when connecting through the browser. Amazingly this past week i was receiving all my emails without any problems for the first time (just slight delay max 15min which is normal for BIS). ITS WORKING ITS WORKING ITS WORKING

    I'm so happy. Now I will really start enjoying my BB.
    02-10-12 03:47 AM
  2. fire6's Avatar
    Good for you. I am now on BESX but prior I was using OWA. I remember it took several attempts to configure it right. And it seems like different systems configure differently. Thanks for sharing.
    02-10-12 06:07 AM