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    Hi guys i'm running o/s .353 the problem i'm having on two 9900's is that received emails keep on getting deleted. My email settings are set to "forever" and i can go back to emails from 2009 but they are all only replied emails that show up and no other subsequent emails. now yesterday i was able to view all emails (received & replied) from yesterdays date to 3 weeks back. Today i wake up and all i have is 1 weeks worth of received & replied emails and after a week it only shows replied emails.

    Someone please help, this is happening to 2 9900 blackberry's!!
    09-27-11 09:15 AM
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    Am having the same problem. Also have my email options under Days to Keep Messages set to "forever".

    Hopefully someone can shed a little light....?
    09-27-11 09:59 AM
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    bump, anyone???????
    09-28-11 08:18 AM
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    I had this same problem with my work email address but not my gmail address on my 9930.

    This thread( http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...9930-a-651132/ ) has suggestions and one of them worked for me.

    I logged into BIS via my pc and unchecked the "delete sync" option for my work email address only. This seems to have resolved the issue for me. You still will get the option to delete emails from your device either "On Mailbox & Handheld" or "On Handheld" and they will work properly.

    Hope this helps.
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    09-28-11 09:56 AM
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    thank you i will try and report back
    09-28-11 04:21 PM