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    I have always been a skinomi fan for all my screen protectors, but when I got my 9900 they didn't make one so I installed a BSE screen protector...

    I noticed that every time I was outdoors with my sunglasses it was really hard to see the screen, an issue I had never had on a BB before. I thought it was the Actual phone until I happened to be at a Verizon store and compared my phone to the one in the store (wearing my shades) I was so shocked I could see the screen on the VZW 9900 that I literally peeled the BSE off on the spot and voila! I could see the screen.

    Long story short, thenpolarization on my sunglasses causes the BSE material to darken making it impossible to see at certain angles. Luckily Skinomi makes a protector now and it is only $5 in Amazon
    10-06-11 06:23 PM