1. baxvent's Avatar
    Best Buy has the Bold 9930 listed for $199.99 on their website, however the full retail price is $699 while Verizon has it at $509... It isn't available yet in their stores from what I could tell.
    08-30-11 10:40 PM
  2. citystars41's Avatar
    I have a good friend that works there and we check the inventory systems and all the stores we saw in the pittsburgh area said it wouldn't be carried in those locations, however they can still order it for you.

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    08-30-11 11:26 PM
  3. MeetJoeAsian's Avatar
    can your friend check to see if and when they're getting the 9850 in? hehe
    08-30-11 11:41 PM
  4. ladodgersfan88's Avatar
    I ordered one Saturday afternoon and selected expedited shipping. Still don't have it and the order still says "processing."
    08-31-11 12:55 AM
  5. raycer's Avatar
    The Pasadena CA store had 2 of them (verizon) in a lockup yesterday (monday). They said they were the only store that had them in the area, but they didn't have a dummy unit to put out.

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    08-31-11 01:28 AM
  6. funnykindel's Avatar
    why not just get it from a different location and have it in 3 or 4 days instead of waiting indefinitely..
    08-31-11 05:17 AM
  7. claireW12's Avatar
    Agreed! You shouldn't wait for anything that you're not sure of. Best Buy is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the world. As the winter season approaches, Best Buy plans to boost its online presence. The technology company also plans to reduce short-term hiring by half. Those out of work and dreaming about some short-term relief will have to look elsewhere. Meanwhile, the merchant is spending unheard of quantity on its lobbying efforts. Best Buy spends more and hires fewer as the holiday season approaches. This is the company's way of combating its revenue losses.
    10-03-11 12:30 AM