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    Hi Team - my 2 week old 9930 (Sprint) ran into the error 102 last night. The only option (I thought) I had was to connect to BB Desktop software and let it decide what to do. It suggested that I reload software on the device, as it couldn't connect otherwise.

    Once I reloaded software (same build 241 of OS7.0), I obviously lost all my email setting (my company's BES setup, and 2 GMail account BIS setup).

    First, I manually added the two GMail accounts.

    Then I did a new activation process with my company, that gave me a new password to activate my company emails (BES account). I was pretty surprised to see that after the BES connected, it updated my phone with things that I didn't know BES would care about (like my BlueTooth pairing came back after the sync, also my alarm was set back correctly like it was before my software reload).

    My problem - none of my email accounts (the company's BES and two GMail) are showing any emails from the past few days. Yet they seem to be working, as I can send/receive emails now.

    Is there any way to get it all back how it was? (I had 30 days of emails showing in all my emails folders).

    One trick I learned from Googling around is that my BES admin has to remove and then re-add my BES account, I have to wipe my data, and then it will fix it. However, it doesn't seem it should be that difficult, also this wouldn't fix GMail accounts.

    09-17-11 03:47 PM