1. stevedion's Avatar
    Hi, I have a BB 9900 and use the bluetooth tethering function for internet on the go. I used to have a iOS device and Android device and used their hotspot feature. While i know BT tethering is not as fast as hotspot, i am consistently getting slow speeds of .5 Mbps (down) and .3 Mbps (upload) when i used to get closer to 5-7 Mbps (down) and .8 Mbpx (up). Anyone else seeing slow speeds like this. I would think i could go up to 1.5-2 Mbps on BT. Something i am not doing right?
    09-19-11 07:22 AM
  2. stevedion's Avatar
    tried with a USB cable and was getting over 10Mbps download and 2.76Mbps on upload. Rocket fast. Bluetooth was the issue. Now if RIM would just take out the WiFi hotspot feature in an update...
    10-05-11 02:56 PM
  3. hestonk's Avatar
    yeah i did a speed test once with the BB plugged in via USB and got something like 12Mbps down and 5 mbps up....but that was in the middle of nowhere in southern ontario.
    Whenever I'm in the GTA its like 2down2up.
    10-05-11 09:37 PM