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    I would like to start a thread that would feature African American art and pics. Any help would be great as it has been hard to find for the 9930.
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    02-04-12 11:33 AM
  2. roughout123's Avatar
    I like that,like a "Be Bold" movement
    02-04-12 01:05 PM
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    Yes,exactly. February has been traditionally named as Black History Month. I hope there are a lot of people who love African art. It doesn't matter what race,creed or color. I personally love Latin music and embrace the culture. My favorite music is pop and rock from the Latinos greatest and the latest. Please share if you can. V!
    02-04-12 01:15 PM
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    I would like some Italian-American art myself. Please post here for me because I can't find any for my bold.
    02-04-12 10:33 PM
  5. anandamstudio's Avatar
    Beautiful Art is inspirational where ever it is derived from. I'm researching applications that are useful for artists on my Playbook. Surely this forum explores many uses/applications of Blackberry products. Will gladly share beautiful African -American Art that I come across. There are many fine examples from African-American and all cultures on this planet.
    It makes us more well rounded human beings to become familiar with as many as possible & appreciate them.

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    02-05-12 02:17 AM