1. nycender's Avatar
    My brand new Verizon Bold 9930 is sending blank texts; so far only to one person. All other text messages are being delivered fine. I erased the message thread and sent a new text to this individual and cc'd someone else and that solved the problem for a bit. But after a couple more messages, I am back to sending blanks. Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions on a fix?
    09-20-11 09:24 AM
  2. digdah's Avatar
    If it to only 1 person it is not the Bold. Do you have a signature on your sms? I know some carriers have issues accepting messages from VZW devices if you have a sig. I believe it was T-Mo SMSC's that had the issue but I may be mistaken.

    If you have a sig turn it off and test.
    09-20-11 10:25 AM