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    Hi all,

    I can't get videos from the daily show (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Political Comedy - Fake News | Comedy Central) nor colbert report (www.colbernation.com) to play in my browser. I either get the message that it is in an unsupported format (when media player is open) or "An error has occured attempting to play media".


    Oh, and if one could show me how to DL full episodes one way or the other that'd really really make my day.

    Kind rgds,
    10-11-11 04:20 AM
  2. robtanz's Avatar
    Is it Flash? If so it won't work.
    10-11-11 04:47 AM
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    Nope, no flash. It redirects to one of their mobile sites (and AFAIK mobile sites don't do Flash). It used to work with my BB9000 but that was a different page that I can not get redirected to.

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    10-11-11 07:53 AM
  4. Fnord's Avatar
    Clips are playing fine for me. Full episode link pushes to iTunes for purchase...
    10-11-11 01:16 PM
  5. Umfriend's Avatar
    No luck sofar . Have tried the forum of my provider as well but they don't seem to know anything else either. Is there a way I can better diagnose the problem?. "An error has occured attempting to play media" is rather non-descriptic IMO... (Can I be sure it is from the browser or media player?).
    10-23-11 08:54 AM
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    Plays fine for me. 9900/

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    10-23-11 09:10 AM
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    I get this when watching YouTube on ocassion. Videos play fine all day and then I get the error message "An error occured attempting to play media". I haven't found a solution yet but a restart usually fixes it for about a day. I'm using 7.1 on my 9900.

    Video playback on 4G alone has been crappy for the most part, and that is with 5 bars. With the addition of Wifi YouTube works fantastic. Until I get this Fing error 4 or 5 times a week.

    Of course RIM has an outdated solution posted on their website claiming you can use a tool on the YouTube website to "Optimize" video playback but of course it doesn't exsist when you visit the site.
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    12-13-11 06:44 PM