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    I'm running BBSAK version 1.9.1 on a Windows 7 PC, and trying to back up all my 3rd party applications. For some reason the program locks up at the near very end when the green status bar almost hits 100%. The backup file does get saved to my PC, but the BBSAK screen stays locked and the white sync screen on my phone stays locked as well with arrows not flowing. Is this a common issue, shouldn't this backup process finish completely instead of locking up? I appreciate any assistance you can give.
    I would use the Desktop Manager but it is not confirmed whether it backs up 3rd party apps when I decide to update the OS to 7.1.
    02-09-12 03:54 PM
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    Forget BBSAK... Desktop Manager backs up 3rd party apps perfectly well

    02-09-12 04:01 PM
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    I just did a 3rd party app. backup with the DM by those last instructions. It saved fine but had less files in it when I compared it to the BBSAK backup. Should I be concerned that the DM backup did not include a java loader file and several "To-Go" files(Docs,Slideshow,Word,etc.)?
    02-09-12 04:57 PM
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    I'm not sure what you mean by a Java loader file, and DocsToGo isn't a 3rd party app, it's a core app.
    02-09-12 05:08 PM
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    He is trying to say that beacuse Doc to go is not really compatible with 7.1 might be not be saved using DM

    Anyway I wouldn't worry about that because:

    * leaked for the 9790 contains the following updated and compatible applications:

    - BBM
    - Facebook
    - Doc to ,go which had problem with .ppx files (didn't open them)
    - YouTube
    - BIS

    Unistall previus OS from PC
    Install 9790 OS
    With BB Hybrids tool shrink all the language you want to shrink first
    Then shrink the apps listed above and from search copy/cut/paste the BIS cod into the remoed folder
    When you have finished drag this folder onto your desktop

    Re Unistall the OS
    Re install the OS into your pc
    Copy and paste the CODs that you prevoiusly saved into the Java OS folder
    Choose to copy and swap files when required , flag apply to all

    Shrink your new updated OS at will
    Run app loader

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    02-09-12 05:44 PM