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    Hi all,

    As some have reported some issues with BB Podcast in 7.1, I though I might tell you a small work around that I have used. If you instal 7.1 and BB Podcast doesn't seem to work, the "fix" depends on where you are located.

    #Please note that this only instals the app. Any errors with the app in itself will not be dealt with here, e.g. if the apps fails to download the podcasts.#

    Countries (US, Ca) where you can find and install the BB Podcast app in App World: (as already reported from various posters in various threads)

    1. Enter App World->My world->uninstalled apps. Locate BB Podcast app and reinstall.

    2. open up the BB podcast app, enter 'options' and press the 'sync subscriptions' button.

    Rest of the world: (requires Windows)

    1. Instal the newest version of BBSAK (perhaps App Loader can do it too)

    2. connect the BB to the computer

    3. open up 'task manager' on your windows computer and force quit BB device manager (or whatever it's called), in order for BBSAK to be able to access your phone. you need not do this if you have installed the latest version of BBSAK.

    4. Download a OS 7.0 version from a US or Canadian carrier, if you don't already have one installed. (bell, rogers, t-mobile and so on)

    5. Open up BBSAK, and press the button that says 'instal cod'. Instal all the .cod files which contain the word 'podcast' (for instance 'net_rim_bb_podcasts_commons.cod') from the OS 7.0 found in
    /Volumes/name_of_your_harddrive/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/Shared/Loader Files/9900M_v7.0.0.503_P5.0.0.670/Java (if is the OS you have installed on your drive.)

    6. phone will reboot.

    7. open up the BB podcast app, enter 'options' and press the 'sync subscriptions' button.

    all should be well. at least it is on both my OS 7.1 phones. Best of luck, and proceed at your own risk.

    (the name of the button in BBSAK might not be correct, as I am writing this on my mac. (bootcamp ftw))
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