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    Hi guys , I have great news for people who want to sign a new contract or add a line to their existing plan or just renew/upgrade their phone with Verizon . I became a IBO (independent business owner ) with A.C.N . This company is the biggest direct telecommunication seller in the world . They are A rated by the best business bureau and thru my web page I can sell you the phone for $49.99 . Here is how to do it :
    -Enter this link into you're browser : andreirad.acndirect.com
    -Select you're state
    -select wireless
    -select Verizon
    -select view all phones
    -check the box for new account or renew/upgrade and then select the phone . Make sure if you renew you're account and you have an unlimited data plan you will check the box for keeping my existing plan .
    The rest will take you strait forward to the purchase . If is a renew then you will be charged $9.99 for shipping and handling . If is a new account or you add a new line to you're account then the shipping is free . You will pay thru this company as you will do it if you will buy you're phone from Costco or Best Buy . You're bill will still be with Verizon . If you will like what you see on my page please check the rest of the services I offer . You will save some money and you will help me in my new business . Thank you for checking out my thread and I hope I don't break any rules of Crackberry site advertising this but I think is in interes of all the Crackberry users to know about this opportunity .
    12-06-11 11:46 AM
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    You can get the phone free from radioshackwireless.com

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    12-06-11 01:16 PM
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    And you get a $25 gift card from radio shack too

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    12-06-11 01:17 PM
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    Wow , I had no idea Radio Shack has the phone for free . Sorry !!! I was so excited about my deal . I was thinking I will make a lot of people happy . Sorry ! By the way if you end up on my web page andreirad.acndirect.com check the other services . Maybe some will make sense for you .
    12-06-11 03:58 PM