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    Hellooo its my first time post a thread here because I have tried very hard to look for the solutions on this problem but couldn't find one that fix my problem yet. I know some posts said uninstalling the torchlight apps, which I did, but problem still occur. Its funny because this only happen after I have upgraded my OS to platform and even I had the torchlight app installed I didn't encounter such a problem.

    And now what I can do is to keep on pulling out the battery and restart, but then the sounds go off by itself soon again when I see all the missed calls I have and didn't even hear it ring. (((

    So is there anyone know how to fix this problem besides keep on pulling out the battery to restart every single time? Something related to the OS version?

    Much appreciate your reply.

    I used to use 9700 before this 9900, and I never have such so many problems encountered that get me frustrated all the time. Not only no sound notifications, sometimes it cannot load my pictures in the memory card and have to restart as well.

    And I can't even sync my phone's media to the device manager. It said "failed" every time...dunno what's wrong...

    Haha yea sorry so many problems but I dunno what to do tried diff things besides asking for help on here!

    Thanksssssss! >3<

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    01-14-12 11:47 PM