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    Hey everybody,

    I already ordered my new carkit from Brodit (which is btw imho the best universal mounting kit/mobilephone/device/charging producer whatsoever for every car) but they still have delivery problems.

    So I need a quick solution for a business trip next week were I definitely need to charge while navigating a long route with my BB. I bought a random mounting clip which fits great but here comes the problem:

    I already bought 3 different universal VehiclePowerChargers but none is loading my BB. There appears a strange message saying I cant load my device with this...

    I tried the following:
    NAVILOCK - Produkte
    NAVILOCK - Produkte

    I didn't want to buy the original one because it looks so ugly and i thought: hey, why not buy the small little nice thingy (shown above) and use my original USB datacable to charge...well...it didn't work...i tried several cables, several usb adapters...my bold 9000 once worked with one of the above shown.

    Now what can I do? I definitly don't think that the software checks for anything...I just think I need an 750mA charger am I right?

    Can anybody recommend a small neat vehicle power charger?
    10-19-11 03:09 PM
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    I bought a cheap little no-name universal blackberry charger at best buy on sale in the bargain bin for 7 bucks. It's a standard 12v micro USB that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Works perfect for my Bold 9900 and my Wife's Curve 9360.

    Similar to this one http://ca.crackberry.com/blackberry-...b-car-charger/
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    10-19-11 03:18 PM
  3. Mnemik's Avatar
    yeah I think I'll need to buy that one tomorrow...dont you think it looks really discusting? Why can't they build it smaller...
    10-19-11 03:54 PM